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LOL qualifying USA service will be reset

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I. About Personal Leveling
First, we define individual players Leveling landing the account does not belong to his game and qualifying, in order to enhance integration and Dan hide the account .

Game matching system will match players of similar strength together, Leveling serious negative impact will this matching process , on the other players in the game anxieties .

In addition, Leveling is also a major cause of account theft.

Leveling players to third parties for their claims to reveal the player account information , full of joy that you can climb the grade , only to find their accounts stolen or sold.

Leveling behavior is not limited to the charges of professional Leveling , friends or family to use the account be also be considered qualifying Leveling .

Maybe you’re just good intentions to help your friend, your account may be shared with other people , you may get your account your brother has promised to steal only played match play qualifying tournament .

Whether you intentionally Leveling , accounts held by non- account holders to operate and carry out the moment even qualifying for Leveling .

It says a lot of what counts as Leveling , the following will explain what does not count as Leveling .

We often receive double diamonds and bronze players are reported as Leveling .

We would like to clarify one point : as long as they are using their own account , it is not Leveling .

Players should be responsible and measure their strength, and try to match the strength of the players with their double .

Although diamonds and double bronze players might be caused by the same problems with Leveling field with other players .

But we do not ban any legal ( instead of using another account) double acts ( then we will try to solve ) .

Leveling personal punishment :
1 . Account lockout two weeks

(2) Deprivation of S1, S2, S3 get all qualifying awards ( skin , read the screen borders , etc. ) ;

(3) Cancellation S4 qualifying entering financial incentive to qualify for ;

4 Repeat offenders ( including players who were found in the S3 Leveling or before ) will be permanently suspended.

A Brief summary :

Leveling is defined as the use of personal accounts of others qualifying tournament match using another account is not for Leveling .

Second on the team Leveling :

In addition , in the end we received S3 Leveling team reports , and thus punish the 19 strongest king and diamond team.

Leveling clan acts include :

1 Team change of ( private agreements the two teams take turns to win ) ;

(2) Use the account of another member of the team members were integral clan war ;

3 Players to use a third-party account team members were integral clan war .

When Leveling clan findings will be made of the following sanctions:

1 All teams will be involved in change of dissolution ;

2 Leveling individual players will be subject to the same penalties and personal Leveling ( blockade canceled award , etc.) No Leveling players will not be blocked such action.

Age of wushu novice about how to earn money

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In the human resource, the game currency is divided into two, a method negotiable, means can be traded between players, called silver. A non-circulation means can only transaction between the player and the NPC, said the coins. The second is not introduced, because the price is low. New friends as a rookie entering the human resource of the arena, learning life skills, or to improve strength for enable storeys and martial skills, buy drugs, carriage visiting the world, etc., need money, and certainly always felt relatively early consumption of silver large deficits, human resource configurations game how to make money to satisfy my own daily needs it? There are several ways that may help you to relieve immediate problems.

First, rivers and lakes spread the word: do not eat night grass horse manure, not rich people do not kidnap; in human resource in the world, to ask the most efficient way to make money to make money, comes to kidnap. 1 hour can be tied once, find the strength of the high point of the city to sell off the major players kidnapped boss (preferably black-hearted businessman), you will get to a few tens of silver ingots range (maybe the price will be lower beta) . Of course, there is a risk of kidnapping, other players can attack you drop, so rely on kidnapping of children’s shoes to make money before this should be like a good reasonable first and second escape route and a willingness to subject your booty businessman, of course, risk and profit is always proportional to drop.

Second, the second is to participate in some activities of the official daily, I recommend is the martial art spy, spying and official charge dart. There are time limits martial spying, official spying can be done throughout the day, after the completion of randomly get money, prestige, experience converting drugs, and of course also to spy on and charge dart risked their lives for the best go together, so that the task is completed will greatly increase the chances.

The third, into the game soon, we should be able to learn professional life, and we want a good mix in rivers and lakes, one to two profound grasp of the craft is essential, which is the main source of your future occupational categories: human resource professional life existing fishermen, woodcutters, farmers, miners, hunters, blacksmiths, tailors, craftsman, pharmacist, poison teacher, chef, beggars, musician, damn, calligraphers, painters, etc., when you live a relatively high professional level, you can open the light, make money and equipment to do, annotations to the money and the like are good sources.

The Fourth, the major maps have random chest brush out, there will be some high-copy chest, you can open up some drawings or material can store or sell their own future learning, good things can be sold, there are a lot of people to buy the world.

The Fifth, if you have economy-minded, then, to grasp the opening of the market on the market a variety of materials and martial arts Cheats market, buy low and sell high, so with money quickly. First, you can set up a stall (human resource is more open, trumpet stall, large copy not a problem), the second is through the World shops (big money people preferred)

Diablo 3 latest BUG can be on-hook to upgrade

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After “Diablo 3″ releasing the highest level, upgrade again becomes players’hot topic. And don’t talk about those normal beating monster and upgrade method, some BUG of on-hook to upgrade is always so lively. Recently on the Internet spreads new BUG about Diablo 3 on-hook upgrading, let’s have a look.

We know that Diablo 3 challenge system have an item called “lucky survive”. It means when you fight with the ultra-low value of the life (for example, 1%), the system will prompt you to complete challenge and reward you a little experience value. Before no peak level, it’s nothing, but now has the highest level. So you can be on-hook to upgrade with special method!

Witch doctor profession specific realization technique:

1, First of all, removes all the equipment “hit the return of blood”, “struck back to blood”, and “restoring life value per second” in your body.

2, Put all the equipment adding physical into the bag, choose purgatory or hell difficulty. Walk around in the pile of monster (don’t die), and then put on the equipment. So that you life value becomes very low.

3, Summon out zombie dogs, let them beat monster. You’d better choose a safe place where can beat monster, put the dog on the same distance. You can leave! Of course, get a coin stuck button that pressing it can summon dog, you can go to work.

Maybe this BUG isn’t very useful, every time the on-hook is only rewarded to more than 100 experience value. But something is better than nothing!