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Pego this summer festival pickup is' 5 -star Altria Caster '

Netmarble announced plans to operate the game service in the eighth online broadcast of 'Fate/Grand Order' held on the official YouTube from 8:00 pm on the 28th. The first news is No. 7 of Caldea Magazine. Caldea Magazine is a Korean original content that can be seen on the official 'Fate/Grand Order' official site. In No. 7, it contains spiritual illustrations. In order to commemorate the 5th anniversary of Fate/ Grand Order in Japan, it is an illustration that unveiled local attractions and servant illustrations in the form of newspaper advertisements. To commemorate the publication of No. 7, Netmarble pays 10 Seongjeongseok (game goods) to all users when the number of Caldea magazine exceeds 10,000 times, and participates in the questionnaire survey that is exposed with the Caldea magazine. Give the chapter. Subsequently, the news of the summer festival campaign to be updated on the 29th. As part of the campaign, 10 Login Bonus will be provided as a login bon

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