GTA 6 could have great changes in your tone, according to one of the founders of Rockstar

Rockstar Founder Talks GTA 6 CHANGES COMING? We have been waiting for years to know about GTA 6 things, even if it is the confirmation that it exists and that it is not only a product of our imagination. With GTA V surrendering to full level thanks to GTA Online and the next update for new generation console, it seems that this dream will take to take place. But a co-founder of Rockstar Games has thrown some light on this mysterious project.

Jamie King has spoken about the future of the saga in an interview on the Killed Canal on YouTube where, among other things, he has spoken of the relationship nonexistent with the rest of the study of R. in fact, He mentions the march of Dan House er, who left Rock star a few months ago, and points to that as the trigger of possible changes in the new delivery.

I would not be surprised that the tone began to change, and it was no longer so hooligan. You can work the study.

Although, in this regard, he also says that that change occurs, he does not have to mean a success. He also points out that, seeing the success of the recent Games of Rockstar Games, everything will be fine.

Of course, you may have to mark an asterisk the launch of GTA Trilogy, which has been in the focus of criticism after its launch, full of bugs and technical problems of a loose adaptation of games that have several years behind them.


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