Coating debate about Kimmich: Dieter Hecking shows incomprehension for vaccine opponents

In the vaccine debate for football international Joshua Gimmick, the Nuremberg football internationals board Dieter Checking also emphasized responsibility for the community. We have a social responsibility when vaccinating. I am tolerant and have for any understanding that delivers to me, said Checking the German Press Agency in the interview. But I do not understand people who do not vaccinate from threadbilding reasons and endanger themselves. In the end, everyone has to decide for themselves. For weeks, Gimmick has been at the center of public debates throughout Germany, after the professional of FC Bayern Munich had admitted to the end of October, not to be vaccinated against the Coronavirus. He had personally a few more concerns, just what missing long-term studies is concerned, Gimmick, who is now in quarantine, said now after a corona infection, then.


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