Destiny 2 brings important change that will significantly improve your loadouts and builds

After the announcement In destiny 2, that the players expect more build crafting from December, the community was skeptical. Between creative builds and loadouts were the high cost. In the last TAB blog, Bungee has now reacted and brings with the update on 07. December the highly desired Quality of Life change.

The upcoming changes to skills and decay times have caused some concerns in the community. The big balance update could cause average players might not afford the endgame. Many years of players also need more loadouts and would also have to invest a lot in it. That leads to:

Too high costs for changing mods Many masterpieces armor can not afford everyone The cost of artifact increases with each reset Destiny 2 has no own Loadout system where builds can be saved

All reasons that, in the opinion of the Destiny-2 community, bungle's desire for more creative freedom would stand in the way. The players discussed the option that it would be useful in this context, at least the mica costs for mods can be eliminated.

Bungee fulfills the desire of the community: in the TAB (This Week at Bungee of 2 December), the developer now responded to the concerns of the players and announced that these costs will no longer be a problem in the future.

From next week, you can exchange your armor mods immediately and at any time without the need of mica or other currencies. The goal of the team is to enable build production in no time, whether you go to a PVP match or prepare for a dusk.

A message that came outstanding at the Destiny-2 community on Reddit. So the player Journey maker writes directly after the announcement fantastic! Bungee is definitely on the right path.

That's exactly what the players had hoped and desired by the developer. Thus, guardians can build their builds free to build free, without having to always pay attention to the costs.

Costs for artifact should also change: The general exchange of armor mods is a first step. But Bungee also wants to deal with the cost of artifact mod resets. What is exactly planned here, we do not know yet. But one can assume that even here appropriate Quality-of-Life changes will come.

Bungee plans a long-term own loadOut solution

In addition to the cost of build crafting, the option was to store different loadouts in the game, another important topic. Who finally wanted to get the best out of the activities and the endgame, has different builds for the different activities.

Build stores in the game is not possible: Sampling these builds and sets in the game is not possible in Destiny 2. So who wants to change his build so, must cumbersome about this in the game. Partially, the players use Excel spreadsheets to keep track of the overview.

The only relief for this is third-party apps, which have partially enabled the players to store their builds, such as the Destiny Item Manager. This tool has been one of the most helpful for many players for years.

If you do not know the Destiny Item Manager, you should consider this option at the latest now.

What is the Destiny Item Manager (DIM)? About browser and smartphone, the app allows both the PC and console players to access your vault, the collection and all progress. By drag-and-drop, all weapons, armor or items can be comfortably pulled on the characters at any time. Loadouts for RAIDS, Strikes, Gambit and all other activities can be stored in the app and equipped by click.

You can find more information on the website:

However, in the future, Bungee sees a separate build crafting and loadout possibilities for Destiny 2. Until it is so far, the third-party apps will receive more freedoms first.

More possibilities for third-party apps

From the 7th of December, all Destiny 2 apps of third-party service providers are allowed to use free and reversible socket actions. This means you will then be able to apply all Armor 2.0 mods, weapons benefits, shaders, ornaments and ghost projections for a load-out compilation.

Thus, players get even more freedoms: For the apps, players can in the future, if the providers implement, not only store their mods in Loadouts, but on request also equipped with one click. Also, the creation of complete fashion outfits is possible.

This solution over third-party apps is of course a good option, but does not come directly from bungee. Many apps are developed by Destiny-2 players who have no relation to the developer. They solve a variety of problems and that makes many keepers in Destiny 2 a lot easier. For example, not always have to fly back to the safe if you need other armor or other weapons quickly in activities.

Best PvE Loadouts This Season! (Destiny 2) Appreciation for the app developers: Bungee wants to give the API developer from the community a small sign of appreciation. They invest a lot of time over the years in their app solutions and develops them on.

There will be a new badge, the parallel program emblem. Bungee wants to distribute it to the many creative heads behind the apps. So if you see it in the game with a guardian, says Hello and sends a small thank you emote for this volunteer work, which the Destiny-2 community is available through it.

How do you find the change in the mods and the stronger integration of third-party apps? Will you facilitate the build crafting in the future? Or do you only use a loadout for all activities and are not dependent on it?


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