Destiny 2: Crossover with Halo could start next week

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On Tuesday, December 7, Bungee will publish the DLC 30 years Bungee on the occasion of his 30th birthday for Destiny 2.

This includes a new dungeon, the iconic rocket launcher Gjallarhorn from its predecessor and other mostly cosmetic content.

Some players have reason to assume that a crossover with Halo in Destiny 2 will take place for the round birthday. Finally, Bungee has created the Halo Universe before it passed on 343 industries.

The developer already confirmed that the sword of myth and a special armament set from marathon, two former games of bungee, will be included in the DLC.

A new screenshot (see article image) from the 30 years Bungee DLC on Steam now encourages speculation that weapons could be added from the halo franchise.

On the said screenshot to recognize my player at the first guardian from the left the iconic fight gun from Halo. In addition, the guards 3 and 6 seem to have seen from links to have discolored rifles that could look similar to the type-27 Beam Rifle or the Needle Rifle of Covenant.

Destiny 2 package: 30 years bungee pre-order for Xbox — 24.99 euros


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