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Again, today there is a free game for all users in Epic Games Store. As for some days, it was again a surprise that was officially revealed at 5 pm. However, on the bargain side Deal abs, all titles have been correctly predicted by a leader, which we have already reported on tomorrow. Even today, the insider has kept right again.

What is the next free game in the Epic Games Store?

All players can now pick up the full version of Second extinction for the PC for 24 hours. On Wednesday at 17 o'clock there is the next surprise. The title of today will not be available for free. Who wants to secure Second Extinction for his account, should pick up the gift quickly.

LIVE Reveal of next free MYSTERY game on Epic Games Store Second extinction brings back the dinosaurs

Together with your friends you will compete in this early access title against dinosaurs and many more threats. The game is played in the ego perspective. For the moment six heroes and twelve weapons are available for the fight. In terms of content, total six main and several additional co-missions are included.

More surprises up to the end of the Epic Games Store

Even in the coming days users can look forward to another gifts from Epic Games. Second extinction is already the sixth free game the Christmas action. Previously, the full versions of Hence 3, Neon Abyss, Remnant from The Ashes, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter and Loop Hero were already available free of charge. Until 30 . December 2021 A title is given away daily in the Epic Games Store.

Source: Epic Games Store

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