FC Bayern: Müller of Lewandowski

Thomas Müller has been disappointed about that Robert Lewandowski has run out of the balloon d'Or empty at the presentation of the balloon. However, this does not surprise the national player of Bayern.

The Ballon d'Or Award with Robert Lewandowski | VLOG | FC Bayern From Bavarian, Polish and also from a German point of view, the award of the balloon d'Or was definitely a disappointment last night. For some even more, Müller wrote on Tuesday in a post on his LinkedIn page.

However, he had been a bit longer in the business and the exit therefore not surprised said Müller: At Franck Bribery, the 2013 was similar. The Frenchman had a superior season behind then, with 23 percent of the votes behind Cristiano Ronaldo (24 percent) and Lionel Messi (28 percent) but only third.

At the same time, the victory Messes has solidified one of his thoughts again, so Müller, who initiated the reputation of the Bundesliga as a reason for the defeat Lewandowski: We have great players in the Bundesliga and do not have to hide us. For worldwide recognition, however, more international Achievements needed.

Müller wants to win the Champions League with FC Bayern

This is for him ultimately only another motivation, also in the future to throw everything in the scales to win the Champions League and the football world to show what thing is.

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With Lionel Messi, probably the best individualist who has ever produced football, Müller bowed at the same time before the Argentine, who cleared the balloon d'Or to the total seventh time.

However, he thinks so Müller, that this time Robert Lewandowski had earned more. An assessment that all share in the environment of Bayern and not a few in the rest of the football world.


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