Grand Theft Auto V: GTA online with bonuses for Gunrunning

This week starts a Earning event in GTA online. Go to the earth and deserves extra bonuses with Gunrunning sales, triple rewards in the bunker series as well as double rewards for mobile operations and in top fun — and much more.

Also, all those who log in this week receive the Manor-PRBG T-shirt for free.

The highlights of the week:

3x GTA $ & RP in the bunker series 50% more GTA $ & RP for Gunning sales 2x GTA $ & RP for mobile operations and in top fun Double Car Meet Reputation for all car-Meet races (sprints, road and tracking races) Free T-Shirt : The Manor Prig T-Shirt for those who play this week The price vehicle of the week: Who from 2nd to December 13th in twelve different tracking and / or street races under the top 5 is a free Emperor Secure Test Vehicles : Karin Sultan Classic, Obey Tailgater S, overpower Cypher

GTA Online Gunrunning Event Week: Triple Money, Sell Mission Bonuses, and More! Main prize on the lucky wheel : Mammoth squad die 40% discount on all bunkers and associated improvements, renovations and modifications as well as the mobile command center and their improvements Additional discounts : 35% on the Ocelot Jugular, the Zaibatsu Penumbra FF and the Pegasus Tempest and 30% on the Jo built P-996 Later and on all racing suits from the merch shop in the LS Car Meet

Prime Gaming Bonuses: All, which connect your social club account with Prime Gaming, get a bonus of 100,000 GTA $ for playing throughout this week

All the details of the contents of the week can be found on the Rock star Newswire.


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