GTA Online: The Best Apartments - Which apartments are worthwhile?

The real estate market Into online is huge and there are many apartments and apartments you can buy. But with which the price is worthwhile? We show you the best apartments you get in Los Santos and why you are worth your money.

What is the problem? Anyone who is looking for a place in GTA online, is welcomed by a large offer. Apartments and houses are available in a variety of designs and sizes. Without garage or with and if with — how many pitches? Is there a good view? Are important locations from GTA online nearby?

We show you here the five best apartments that are worth your price and explain what makes you so good. We set up after the location, the establishment of the apartments and the view they offer you.

5 . Del Pedro Heights Apt 7

What does it cost? 200,000 GTA dollars.

How many garages? 10 parking spaces.

What makes the apartment well? Apartment 7 in Dell Pierre Heights is one of the cheapest apartments with a 10-point garage. Since cars and vehicles are the focus of many players in GTA online, you have caught a particularly good price / performance ratio here.

In addition, if you have an office in the Maze Bank and still like CEO work done, then you are right next door with this building and just cross the road.

4 . 3. Alta Street Apt 57

What does it cost? 223,000 GTA dollars.

How many garages? 10 parking spaces.

What makes the apartment well? You do not overlook the whole city in this apartment, but you have to spend a relatively good view only 223k. And there is a garage with ten parking spaces. Similar to the apartment in Del Pierre Heights, the price and equipment offered are reason enough to tend to cross the top 5 apartments of GTA online.

3 . Tinsel Towers Apt 42

What does it cost? 492,000 GTA dollars.

How many garages? 10 parking spaces.

What makes the apartment well? The price of the apartment is still under half a million GTA dollars. For this, you will receive a pretty large garage and a view that can not do anything so fast. A fantastic view of the city shows you what happened in Los Santos just. There is a luxurious facility.

The distance to the arcade is, similar to the Eclipse Towers, very short. So whoever runs a lot there could be very satisfied with the Tinsel Towers or Eclipse Towers.

2 . Eclipse Towers Apt 40

What does it cost? 391,000 GTA dollars.

How many garages? 10 parking spaces.

What makes the apartment good? If you want to earn a lot of money with the gambling hall in GTA online, the Eclipse Towers are a good dwelling for you. The way to the game room is very short, since the hall is only about 4 buildings away. Since you can control all your businesses with the master's terminal of all your businesses, the apartment in the Eclipse Towers for many players is the best apartment in GTA online and shares, depending on the player, the first place with 4 Integrity Way.

GTA 5 Best Apartment Location | GTA ONLINE BEST HIGH END APARTMENT TO BUY (Easy Comparison Guide) Depending on which apartment you decide, you can leave a lot of money from the Eclipse Towers. Apartment 40, however, is enough and offers nice furnishing styles.

1. 4 Integrity Way Apt 28

What does it cost? 476,000 GTA dollars.

How many garages? 10 parking spaces.

What does the apartment do well? In this list, 1 room 1 is heavily competitive. The apartment 28 of 4 Integrity Way has been considered the best apartment in GTA online. It is located in the heart of Los Santos and is located directly opposite a CEO office. Other important businesses can also be purchased in the immediate vicinity.

A big plus is that the terror byte spawn directly in the parking lot behind the building when you call him. Again, you have only short distances.

The garage is relatively remote from the main road and offers you some protection.

Bonus: Richard Majestic Apt 51

What does it cost? 253,000 GTA dollars.

How many garages? 10 parking spaces.

What makes the apartment well? We list this building as a bonus as it is very popular especially in the community. Not because it is close to many businesses, but because the prospect of convincing white. From the cozy armchair in the living room you have an ideal view of the golf course.

For this purpose, the apartment with a purchase price of 253,000 GTA dollar is quite favorable and offers you even ten parking spaces for your vehicles.

Which of the apartments is your favorite and do you already own one of them? Write us your opinion on the apartments but here on Mango in the comments.


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