GTA Online: Franklin returns and does it with Dr. Dre at The Contract, a plot that arrives very soon

COMPLETE INFO BREAKDOWN! FRANKLIN IS BACK - GTA ONLINE: THE CONTRACT DLC Rosalind Franklin is a British physicochemical, born upon July 25, 1920, in Notting Hill and Dead on April 16, 1958, in Chelsea. Leader of molecular biology, it formulates the very first in an unpublished ratio the helical structure of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA), exploration ruined by Watson as well as Crick that access its job. She additionally played a significant function in the discovery of the cigarette mosaic infection.

Did you miss Franklin? One of the GTA V protein returns with a new content for GTA online. Rock star has just presented The Contract, a new plot of the multiplayer proposal with several known faces and surprises, as you can see in the video we leave on these lines.

Franklin Creates a Famous Solutions Agency, offering elite services to the stars. To do this, he needs an adequate partner, who in this case is Lamar Davis, and a star of Lotion. The chosen one is Rapper Dr. Dre, which makes a cameo in GTA V with this content.

The contract will tell us a plot in which everything starts with the lost phone of the rapper that we will have to find, as it contains the unprecedented music that Dr. Dre is preparing and is the perfect opportunity for the jumping agency.

The content promises exploration by the Santos, visiting from the dangerous streets of the old Franklin neighborhood to the most exclusive parties of the city while you work with the aim of returning the phone to its owner.

The Contract will reach GTA online on December 15. From Rock star promise more details soon on a new radio station with Dr. Dre themes and other artists, as well as more jobs for the agency that will help us get new weapons, vehicles and much more.


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