GTA Online: How to Get FREE T-SHIRT PRBG Manor

In GTA Online there are so many garments that you can perfectly change clothes every day, especially if you are from those you do with the items that you give away from time to time Rock star. For example, in the following guide we are going to tell them How to get free the PRIG Manor t-shirt.

How to get free the PRIG Manor t-shirt

Among all the shirts that exist in the saints There are many brands and with the PRIG Manor, may show that you know the latest trends. A super exclusive casual garment with which no urban pilot who is precise would be left without adequate attire.

So that it will be to be yours you will simply have to play the GTA V multiplayer at any time until December 8 as a very late. At that moment it will become yours so that you use it when you want.

In another order of things, those who are targeted at Prime Gaming and have linked their account to the Social Club de Rockstar Games will be $100,000 simply by the same fact of playing GTA online when it is during this week.

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How To Get The Exclusive Limited Time Manor PRBG T-Shirt

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