Itkura counters Glatzel: Schalke brings late point at HSV

Strong Fight in Hamburg | Hamburger SV - FC Schalke 04 1-1 | All Goals | Matchday 18 –  Bundesliga 2 The HSV, in which coach Tim Walter had made no changes compared to the 3-0 against Rostock, started as the fire department: Already after a good 30 seconds, there was the first corner for the hosts, the Glazed benefited promptly to the leadership (2. ). Schalke, which had also sent Dimitrios Grammars with the same starting eleven as at the 4-1 against Nuremberg on the lawn, but showed himself unimpressed from the early residue. However, the royal blue has not succeeded for a long time to make HSV-Keeper Johansson from serious difficulties.

Schalke's effort remains profitable

A thaw arc lamp in a row of a corner ball (18.) and a placed attempt from the distance of Salazar (37.) remained the most dangerous degrees of the scarce, which worked in the first pass a plus at graduation and corner balls, but not in Countable overruns.

On the other side, the occasional degrees of the Hansestädter were a bit breziliger. Glazed (24th) awarded the best chance of the first half against the heavily passive Frail, marriage rice took just before the criminal area measure, but aimed at the Schalke goal (35.).

After restarted it took only a few minutes before the guests came to the best chance, the Hurling detached after a mistake in the risky steering game of the red-to-rothoses freestanding from Johansson (52.). Afterwards, the householders struggled to bring and reassure the game under control. At the age of 63 minutes, the hamburgers were once again in the 63rd minute by Jetta. In the following minutes, an open game developed, in which Schalke pushed on the balance and became successive.

Royal Blue continuous pressure pays off late

The substitute returnee Butler awarded in this wild phase on one side (67.) before kitten met in return aluminum (68.) and shortly thereafter Hurling failed to Johansson (72.). Only a pointer turn of rotation later, it was again the king blows that stepped by Itaúsa just over the balance (73.). In the final quarter of an hour, it looked for a long time that the scarce could no longer reward, marriage a slightly happy cross lock of Salazar technically valuable under control and to Itaúsa, which worried the late, but due to the second passage of highly deserved compensation (87.). There was no longer possible to change a longer VAR exam to potentially due to potential.

In the last moments of the game, there was no more of the two teams to produce serious goals of goals, which is why it finally went into the cabins with a draw — already the ninth draw for the hamburgers in the current season.

The reds are at least for the time being on the third place, the point-like headers follow fourth place due to the worse goal ratio. After the winter break, the HSV travels to Dresden on Friday (14th January, 18.30 clock). Schalke welcomes on Sunday (13.30 clock) Holstein Kiel.


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