MMORPG wanted to be New Ultima Online, fails on Steam - will be by NFT

The Kickstarter MmorpGlegend of Aria could be a gloomy destiny or could be pioneering a new wave of meta-metaversums games that are fired with NFT. Who knows? The sympathetic small MMORPG was started to become a successor in the spirit of Ultimo online, came in July 2020 on Steam, but was never very successful. Now the game was bought by a company who wants to make your money with the controversial technology NFT.

What an MMORPG was that?

We have reported on Mango since 2015 on the development of Legends of Aria : a sandbox MMORPG, which wanted to go in the direction of Ultimo Online. Originally, the time took $100,000 as a Kickstarter project Shards Online. The game had some charming old school ideas for MMORPG purists, especially the player's freedom wanted to emphasize in the sandbox, but the Game suffered from the beginning under chronic too little attention. From 2019, our reports on Mango focused above all, as evil was the MMORPG on Steam meanwhile, how desperate it was looking for a turn. Mango author Alexander Latch said the death of MMORPG for 2020 and 2021. How Massively op reports: There has been no significant new update for a long time.

How many players is still on Steam? Currently it's about the 20 simultaneous players who are in Legends of Aria on stream.

To high times, in August 2019, it was 560 — but the number slipped massively. These are not numbers that can hold an MMORPG over water.

MMORPG should become part of the meta-metaversum

This is the message now: The studio Blue Money Games has bought Legends of Aria completely, along with the engine:

Indie MMORPG Sold To Blockchain Gaming Company For

It is said that the Shards Engine is optimized for MMORPGs and can support thousands of players in a virtual world. The AAA game is now expanded on blockchain and web3 mechanics and thereby metototoverly with NFT and a token-based In game currency Legends of Aria should be part of the Meta Metatarsus by Realms of Eternity In addition, the founder and boss of the studio is behind Legend Soph Aria, Derek Brink man, to the new technique boss at the company that buys the MMORPG. Brink man had founded Citadel Studios 2013 after working as a technician at EA and Mythic. At EA, he was actually responsible for Ultimo online.

Buyer says: He wants to eat more games!

What does the buyer say? There is a quite oblique quote of the founder of Blue Monster Games (via coinelegraph). He says:

Realms of Eternity is not a normal metatarsus game. It will be the metatarsus that attributes the gaming world. Our purchase of Citadel Studios is only the first step of this vision. We will bring metatarsus elements into existing games, which will then be very part of the Realm Eternity Metatarsus. Expected to see much more of these purchases from us in the next few months!

Joseph Rubin, Co-founder Blue Monster Games

That's behind it: MMORPG purists are likely to get scream attacks in the message and tear out the hair. Because in their ears, the news sounds like: We are now making a game from your Ultimo online successor through and through commercially with many cool Buzzwords.

But good, Legends of Aria had failed as an MMORPG anyway, now it may have a second life as NFT-based, micro-transaction game within a meta-metaversum, which should always be.

NFT is 2021 the new trend in the gaming, companies are worth billions — but why?


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