Nexon introduces the first probability verification platform... `Autonomous Verification` Signal [IT Magnifier]

[Eye News 24 Park Ye Jin reporter] Nixon introduced the monitoring system 'Nixon NAU' that could confirm the probability of 'Maple Story' item 'Maple Story' item in real time. It is the first time in the domestic game company.

One of the game industry 'Big 3', Nixon is noticed to autonomous verification of probabilistic items in the future, while introducing the verification model in a real-time platform form in a real-time platform form.

Nixon Nash is a system that sets the probability of content to the probability of setting up the probability and the actual result (probability), and it is a system that provides a 24-hour system to provide a 24-hour capsule, reinforced, combined content, to be. It also discloses the actual probability of the aggregation period and the latest renewal time.

According to the company, the actual probability periodically reveals the value calculated through a system that automatically aggregates all data in the game. Therefore, the person's intervention does not enter, and the one-hour unit updates are automated.

In March this year, Nixon has announced that we will build a 'real-time monitoring system' that will release probability item information. In particular, it is also possible to see that the signals for active autonomous regulations were introduced by introducing the exposed to the Maple Story, which promised the probability disclosure after the customer conference.

In fact, Nixon has already published the probability and actual results of the setup over the Maple Story homepage from the time of April. Items that have released a probability in Nixon Nu are the same.

Nixon can be seen as platforming so that it is a platform to confirm that it is notified by game by doing this. In the month, the information that has been released in the homepage entry can be confirmed in real time in real time.

Nixon is aiming to introduce all the games that are in Nixon Navy next year after the Maple Story. However, the company said, As the game that is service, the game is needed to be opened by the game, it will be opened and opened in sequence.

As such, Nixon declared the introduction of the first probability item verification system, it is noted that other companies are gradually expecting autonomous probability item validation.

In particular, as the faster item controversy this year, Nixon will not be able to ignore the first time, and the first game will be able to ignore the first time, and the other game shall not be able to ignore this.

Therefore, the prospectable item that the game industry is led by the Probability Item Autonomic Regulation Code revision is expected to have an autonomous verification signal to the probabilistic autonomous regulation of the autonomous verification signal..

Traffic Signs Classification Using Convolution Neural Networks CNN | OPENCV Python Meanwhile, the current autonomic regulatory Code revision is the result of improving existing autonomous regulations according to the proposal of the autonomous regulatory evaluation committee. It is characterized in that it has been enlarged a lot of probabilistic content targets such as capsules, reinforced, and coal molding than existing autonomous regulations, which were limited to the acquisition of paid probabilistic items.


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