Returns from Game2give Bungie Fund Collection

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Bungee returns for the third year following the head of their Game2give fundraising. Thus, this year they are still asking players once to meet and host their own Flow Destiny 2 to collect funds for the Bungee Foundation.

In the past, the Bungee Foundation has collected more than three million dollars through different programs. For this reason, this year they seek to perpetuate tradition. In an announcement message, they describe the incentives offered to fundraisers. The incentives range from Destiny 2 emblems to physical objects such as mouse pads, t-shirts and more.

We invite the Bungee community to join us to celebrate what we can accomplish together thanks to the games and donations declared Bungee in the message.

Bungee, in his announcement message, shared his understanding of how the world has changed in the last two years. In fact, this has had a direct impact on the mission statement of the foundation that has been updated on the announcement. Bungee shared their three new principles which, according to them, reflect their values ​​as a community-based organization.

Bungee said:

How To Get 4 NEW Exclusive Cosmetics in Destiny 2! | Game2Give Charity Event We are an organization focused on people who build and allows our community to:

Improve the health and well-being of children. Have the rights of all individuals and communities. Apport a help in times of crisis.

Game2give fundraising takes place from 2 to 15 December. For the duration of this period, Bungee asked the members of the community of players of Be a guardian of light for those who need it and join us today!

Those seeking to take action and host a stream can find registration here. Those who wish to donate can do it here.

Both links can also be found on the announcement message published by Bungee.

The Bungee team also addressed a thank you to all those who seek to help to say: Thank you all for everything you did to support the charity of the Bungee Foundation.

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