Steam: Capcom-Game climbs the top

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On Steam, an emulator game currently writes at first glance an unusual success story — a Cap com collection climbs the charts and even makes Counter-Strike, Data 2 and PUBG competition — but a player's race is probably not the reason for it.

On the Steam yesterday an obscure emulator game unexpectedly advanced in rank 3 of the player charts: Cap com Arcade Stadium suddenly belonged to the games with most players on the PC platform. However, the reason for this is likely to be by no means of real players — rather, bots are probably behind the cemetery rise.

Surprise on Steam: Cap com Game suddenly ranked 3

Yesterday, the top 3 of the Steam ranking with most players read as follows: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive occupied the first place, Data 2 followed as number 2 and directly behind it grabbed The Emulator Game Collection Cap com Arcade Stadium The Bronze Medal. On Tuesday, the game with 488,791 simultaneous players reached an absolute maximum. (Source: Steam DB)

Top 10 Capcom Games The game could thus explosively multiply its players — since the release in May 2021 it had just once on average 20 players per month. The game is not really an insider tip, which was suddenly discovered by the gaming world. Instead, the popularity boost according to an insider is probably much more rather bots, the Steam collecting cards farms.

Cap com Arcade Stadium: Bots bring thrust

Cap com Arcade Stadium has only recently Steam collecting cards integrated — Exactly these items, the bots in free playing, as they can be sold in the Steam community. A similar development has already been pursued in the past with other games when they offered for the first time trading cards or made free of charge.

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Cap com Arcade Stadium has become ahead of the top 3 games on Steam on Tuesday — but the gigantic player explosion was probably bots and not real gamers.


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