The new update of GTA Online is now available: The Contract, with artists such as Dr. Dre or Rosalia

GTA Online has become one of the most important phenomena in the world of video games, and Rock star continues to feed this fame with new updates to expand the experience of players. On this occasion, we are surprised by the return of Franklin Clinton, iconic character of GTA V, in a story as big as hilarious: The contract.

The Contract will include unpublished music on the stations of the game This update, which can be downloaded from Free way in GTA Online, shows us the Clinton debut in the multiplayer delivery. Our old friend founded a solutions' agency for celebrities with which we will associate us to recover the unpublished melodies of the artist DR. ARE. Here, we must recover one of the biggest booties in the music industry so that Clinton's business plan take off completely, because having Dr. Dre among the customers of it provides an interesting cache.

Rock star has put a lot of mime to music in The Contract, since it has been responsible for the story to turn around this area and, to accompany such a perimeter, it has updated several existing stations. And this does not end here, since there has also been a collaboration with the Spanish singer Rosalie for the creation of Potomac Los Santos, a new station in which the artist will act as a presenter.

The Spanish singer Rosalie will present the Potomac Saints station and if this is not enough to come back to the streets of GTA Online, think that Rock star has also taken advantage of the update for Add content that has nothing that See with music. In this sense, the adventure integrates three new weapons, a fleet of seven vehicles and novelties in accessories, tattoos, clothing, facial paintings and hairstyles. All this, of course, enlivened with all the songs added to the repertoire of several known issuers.

Although the information related to The Contract, Rock star is still working on more content for your GTA online. For this reason, it warns that soon more news will be announced such as the double of GTA $ in transformation, herbicide and welcome committee, bonuses of prime gaming and free accessories, as well as bonuses for completing missions of Dr. ARE in its update.

GTA 5 ONLINE The Contract DLC Franklin Meets Dr. Dre Cutscene (Grand Theft Auto 5) Therefore, there is no doubt that the developers continue to strive so that GTA Online still attracts more users and looks. After all, it is one of the star titles on Twitch, which demonstrates the success of this adventure for both those who enjoy playing and those who want to see other streamers. If you want to know more about The Contract, in 3DGEGOS we have been able to speak exclusively with Franklin's voice in GTA 5, Shawn Content.


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