Zung Games, New MMORPG 'Ares Chronicles' Worldview


Sung Games announced on the 30th that it reveals the worldview of Mobile MMORPG 'Ares Chronicles', which is scheduled to service.

The basic worldview of 'Ares Chronic' released is a multidimensional space. The deep darkness born in the darkness, such as the darkness, continuously eroded the whole universe, resulting in the stage of the game, the stage of the game was facing the crisis. A strong dark boss was founded in the midst of the threat of the dark forces of darkness, and it is the ultimate goal of the game that it is in the darkness to put it in the dark.

'Ares Chronic' is a Mobile MMORPG, which can enjoy a gorgeous action, including character fostering character-of-the-scale multidimensional universe of a huge scale. Console highly expressed character design, skill motion and special effects in the high-quality graphic, and in the game, the Arcadia, Dragon Night, and Phantom Assassin's 3-class class, You can feel it.

This game is characterized by the introduction of colorful character development systems and an easy operation, while it is also provided to make it easier to be stronger. Users can not bear it based on this, and enjoy a variety of content in the game, can acquire a set effect equipment or new relics and a new set, or create a character with my own special equipment.

After you have poured into the foster, you can also enjoy the competitive content with other users. From one to 1 confrontation, various competitive content, such as the Middle's guild, are provided, and it is possible to experience a rich game because it varies for confrontation or compensation, such as dueling ranking and battlefield occupation.

I published the worldview of MMORPG Ares Chronicle beyond the miracle, said, I published the worldview of MMORPG Ares Chronicle, I hope that many users will be a master of a thousand sets and become a veteran that defeats darkness. I am trying to satisfy you as a good game as an exciting worldview, and I will continue to ask for a lot of interest and support.

'Ares Chronic' released a second trailer video ahead of the game launches, and is currently in advance reservations. In addition to providing abundant game items' compensation to the pre-reservation device, we have prepared various events that pay various game items and rare title.


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