`2022 LCK Spring`, January 12 Opening

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DRX-DRX-RIV Sandbox Opening Annual, T1-Guangdong PRI 2 games

10 Team Rooster Significant Replacement Forget 2021

Asian Games, for the adoption of the Asian Games,

In 2021, 10 Tops of LACK, which sent a hot stove league, returns to a clear way.

E sports hosting the Korean Program of the Sports Champions Korea (LACK) is the 12th DR and Rib Spring, which will come to 2022, I said it raised.

In 2021, LACK introduced the franchise system, the Spring and Summer regular leagues have been struggling to the last, I did not take a champion in the international convention, but the crew has achieved the ridiculous,

All the LACK Spring and Summer All in the E-Sports League, the regional contest, the only regional tournament was the only for viewing time,

In the process of configuring the lineup in 2022, 10 teams participated in the LACK have been jumped before the momentum, resulting in a role fluctuation. 2021 When compared to the Summer Roster, the team with three or more existing players have been tried to tree most teams as T1 and Delete Broil.

In 2021, the West LCH Spring and the Summer won the Top Liner 'Khan' Kim Dong-ha, the empty spot, and the 'Burton' Na TAE Soon and the Credits Brother The bottom duo is made up of Longship Red Force 'Duck Dam, and Kim Hyung-gyu and Kim Hyung-gyu.

'Las Knife' Kim Kwang-hee and the 'Life' Kim Jung-min as KT Robuster, Biddy is sent to Longship Red Force, and declared a large-scale replacement, Jens, who has declared a large-scale replacement, leaving Park Tae-hyun, 'Peanut' Han Wang Ho, 'Ch obi' Jung Typhoon, 'Rain', has established a lineup while recruiting.

Longship Red Force also expelled the willingness to be achieved by transfusion of new blood. 'Anna' Kim Chang-dong, 'Biddle' Kwak-dong, Ghost, and Gang Yong John, and Ghost, and Gang Yong John, and Dread from Africa PRI, Dread Lee Jin-hyuk, a rib sandbox, All were filled with a recent.

The rib sandbox has been a leading state that was promoted by the team, and received the 'Dove' Kim Jae-won as a tower liner, and accepted Lee Fushun, a prospect of T1,

Africa PRI has changed his name as Guangdong PRI, with Guangdong PRI and the Naming sponsoring a contract. 'The' Negative 'Kim Kevin, the Franchise Star, the Guangdong Frames, who remains as a franchise star, Teddy, I recruited and constructed a combination with the 'Pate' You Shock, the mid-liner of the rib sandbox.

KT Solvents have recruited the players who had eaten the players who had eaten King Longhorn, King Longhorn, who had a king zone, such as Las Knife Kim Kwang-hee, Cold.

'Choke' Jung Typhoon, DEP, Hanna Life E Sports, who has been leaving the Veteran players, such as Kari's Kim Songhua and the remote dealer who received noteworthy in China.

DR, which has been in the Bottom Duo, who has been in the world championship, such as 'Diction' Kim Hyung-kyu and 'Beryl' condition, DR has a contract with Kim Jonson, a member of the 2018 World Championship, and was strong for coaching staff.

The 10 teams who finished the hot stove league aimed at the 2022 season will enter the regular league for two months from January 12 to March 20. The 2022 LACK Spring regular league, which is conducted in the way 10 teams hit the two pool leagues, is composed of 90 games for 18 games per team. The regular league game is made up of 3 pre-2 leads.

Unlike the existing league this spring, it will be held in the 5th day of the week (Wednesday to Sunday), unlike the existing one, unlike the existing league. In the past, the first round was held on the 5th, and the second round of the week, was adopted as an E-sports sector in the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games.

#LEC 2022 Spring Split Preseason Power Rankings | Teams # 5 - 1 The top six regular leagues get qualified to playoffs. The regular league first and second is the playoffs in the second round, 3rd place, 6th place, 4th and 5th in the first round. The playoff schedule is disclosed in the future.

2022 LACK Spring Treasury is 400 million won. The Spring Championship team will be a prize for $200 million with a prize. The ruling team receives 100 million won.

2022 LACK Spring is offline at the LACK Arena of Roll Park, located in the Grand Prize of Jongno-gu, Seoul, who adheres to the government's corona 19-defense guidelines. Whether to sell tickets and related matters will be announced on future LACK official social channels.

In addition, the 2022 LACK Spring regular league schedule's mobile and PC wallpaper images can be downloaded from the homepage.


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