The Chrono Cross composer anticipates to reveal his new project next month

At the moment, there is no way to plainly link words of Matsuda with a meant restoration or remake of the award-winning RPG of PlayStation, considering that although the engagement of the composer agrees with what we hear at the end of 2021, this is no more Speculation at the end of the day.

Matsuda additionally operated in the soundtrack of titles such as Throne Trigger and Enfilade Chronicles, so the reputation of him of him explains that the community has an interest in his following tasks. One of the most recent of them, Sea of Stars, has an expected launch for wintertime of 2022.


Plainly, this lit again the concept about the supposed Remake of Throne Cross that began to be talked about a few months earlier, after a report suggested that a 'Fantastic Remake' would get on the way as special to the Sony platform.

Matsuda was also the Throne Trigger composer Thanks significantly for the messages of congratulations on him, Matsuda claimed. This appreciation will certainly be gone back to function (if they are lucky), and we will certainly introduce the very first next month, please sphere it!. It ought to be noted, that by the words that the author shared, he might be associated with several jobs .

The Throne Cross composer, Samundri Matsuda , communicated in social media networks that he wishes to have the ability to introduce his new project incoming month , this after addressing the congratulations he got for his birthday by the community.


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