The Great Boycott Maple Story began. We have quite g injured treatment

Nixon has a problem. GMS players (Global Maple Story) have just started the official / unofficial boycott of their games.

The purpose of this action is to pay attention to producers for problems that have been plunging GMS for many weeks, BAA.

It's about various things. From technical troubles, lack of a promised content, high prices of paid objects, lack of transparency and, above all, lack of communication between Nixon and the community.

The official Maple Story Subreddit moderators ( ) have already joined the boycott ( ), pressing the topic about the action and changing the main photo on the page (from Maple Story on Crash Story).

This post is the official boycott declaration for negligence by Nixon GMS.

All players are asked to stop paying Nixon until they start changes in the quality and stability of the game.

Many players did not receive DMT 25/12, servers are still unstable, there are missing a lot of content from winter updates, the Star force prices are unrealistic, yet another Within Nerf, no Vac PETA in a restart, no New Year's package for GMS, no frequent monetary transfers, RNG rates still have not been published, the Coupons of the Legion Wealth and Drop disappear in DC and still lacks the client 64 bit !!

and there is no message from Nixon in these cases....

All these and many other errors and problems ruin the impression of the player, and Nixon does not care about it, probably because most of the Baptistery income comes from the KMS region... but it should not be...

Repeat your damn game!

Maplestory GMS 9x chief bandit deathnote (Killahh189)

It's time for the GMS community to unite and boycott Nixon until there is a change. All Maple story GMS players are asked to stop shopping until things start to change. I repeat, do not finance Nixon until you change in GMS! Now there is time to work!

We have enough

We would like to remind you that similar, although an even bigger scale took place in Korean Maple Story (about a year ago).

The events there resulted in a drop in active players by 30%. Koreans have even rented a special car that rode under the headquarters of the company and displayed password calling Nixon to act. Even the local televisions spoke about the case.

Effect? Nixon apologized to players and introduced far-reaching changes that have settled the situation and improved the overall quality of Maple Story.

May the global Maple Story been similar.


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