The Spring Throne is `Yuzen` ·` T1`?... 2022 LCK Spring Opening Media Day

In 2022, we expect Benji and T1 to form a pair of Yang in a progressed Media Day ahead of the LACK Spring opening of the spring opening of the spring.

The League of Legend Champions Korea (hereinafter referred to as LACK, hosting the Korean Program of the League of Legend (LOL) 'e Sports, The directors and representatives of 10 teams participated were held in one place, and conducted media data.

In this media day, which was conducted by Lee Jung Hymn Announcer's society, the mediated, the supervisor of the Catherine, the supervisor, and the 'Who Maker' and the 'Hakka', and the 'Park' and the 'Rule' Park Joe Yuk, 'Gang Yong-joon, Rive Sandbox Kim, Hyung — John, and' Dove 'Kim Joe Leon, Guangdong PRI Langmuir, and' Teddy 'Park Jin-sung, KT Roll aster King Longhorn, DAT Brian Choir Tae-hyun's director and 'Mir' Mi Sung Hymn, DR Kim Jung Sew and 'Kin gen' Hwang Sung Hewn participated.

10 team participants have evaluated for 2021 and said they have been on 2022. In 2021, the 'Show Maker', who won the Spring and Summer, who won the Summer, the scavenger is a shoemaker seat, and was recognized in Korea, but it was unable to win the Mid-Season Invitational and World Championship. I can be sluggish at first, but it will be laughing at the end, but I will laugh at the end of the international convention, he said.

Most teams have chosen from Yes, and T1 to request that the team that is the most awareness of this spring was the best team. I have been perfect at the Hijack, T1, T1 is likely to maintain a strong power because it has been a team that played on the team when the players who played themselves in the 2021 World Championship. did.

Behind the Legendary Cinematic Opening | 2021 LCK Summer Split

The director of Gone Bin, said, The players who spent a couple of players in each position in 2021 were gathered, I think that players make it a role to make a team to a team, and to make a teamwork to a team, and the first split, I will look at it. '

Every time I prepare for the season every year, I am aiming to be better than last year. I feel like I can not even have a winner in 2021, and I will look at my colleagues with my colleagues, so I can do it this year. I said.

LACK Lee Jungkook said, After the introduction of the Franchise system in 2021, the 10 teams and fans are I have been doing I have been doing the 10 teams and fans. I said.


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