"Gives me depression": new SWTOR

On February 15, a new update for Star Wars: The Old Republic appeared. " Legacy of the Sith " means the latest expansion of the MMOs available since 2011 in Star Wars universe. The opinions on the update are currently much, but not positive. Especially Reddit presents itself once more than the main source for criticism and dislike . Almost nobody seems to be really satisfied with the update, which had been postponed for a fine cut for two months.

At the latest since Battlefield 2042 EA may be known that criticism on reddit can not only blast the framework of good taste, but also everything else is excluded from the public. If Reddit has seen a game, it will be very loud very loud and beats wide waves on the Internet. But what disturbs reddit concrete at the new update to Star Wars: The Old Republic?

How does the criticism come from?

STAR WARS: The Old Republic Disorder Cinematic Trailer (2022) On the subreddit R / SWTOR , the update, which was originally intended for the 10th anniversary of the MMOS, is discussed with extremely critical headings. Of " FIXT is not what works " About " The game has been even more fun on Monday." To " The new update gives me depressions ** " If the consensus is clear: _This Update nobody has used, this update does not meet the expectations, this update is bad.

What disturbs the community?

Often, the new user interface is criticized in terms of its functionality, as well as on its look. Allegedly, the new character icons look like they designed 14-year-old. In addition, one disturbs at the allegedly much too short campaign, which should take about two hours. The character creator, the new class system and accordingly the balancing should also have worsened massively with the update.

Often you read questions like "Why, Bioware?" Or statements like "You would have been able to use the time so much better". Of course, the desire for a more extensive story update, which does not throw the mechanics and the user interface of the previous version overboard. These statements come from both old rabbits of the MMOS, as well as relatively new users who have only played for a few weeks SWTOR (Buy Now). A mail even suggests the idea of ​​resetting the game back to the booth of the last update "Onslaught".

Now the question is how Bioware deals with this criticism. Do you accept your own mistakes and enter the feedback of the community? Or do you turn across, cross the arms and hopes that the criticism flattens over time? In any case, you have introduced the belated birthday to Star Wars: The Old Republic very different.

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