The Gamer HP Omn 16 laptop with a soft price

The last Gaming HP laptop, the Victus 16 is declined in many configurations. The 100% AMD version in addition to a QHD screen, 16GB of RAM and a 1TB SSD is currently promoted at FNAC, and its rate is enticing.

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To play on a gamer PC , it is necessary to have sufficient power but also to have a balanced configuration to allow each component to express oneself fully. The PC Gaming HP OMEN 16 is a machine that puts a lot on the performance / price ratio, while offering a * PC gamer ** sober and elegant and offering great versatility.

In this configuration, one of the most powerful model, the. PC Gamer HP opts for a duet 100% AMD . There is thus a CPU Ryzen 7 5800h , which has proven itself through its 8 hearts amount to 4.4 GHz . Unsurprisingly, this chip is a real beast for all demanding work, creating encoding, and does not get the knee before any software. Add to that 16GB RAM and you get a car cut for the calculation. But what characterizes the best a * PC gaming is his graphics card. Inside this machine Gamer , there is a RX6600M from AMD. Less widespread than NVIDIA GPUs, this graphics card has beautiful arguments to seduce. At the power level, the AMD card is located between an RTX 3050 and an RTX 3060 . It does not have any trouble to propel all games in Full HD in good quality. For demanding gamers, they can hardly start competitive games on the QHD screen while taking advantage of the 165 Hz refresh rate. Finally, the storage is entrusted to a 1 to SSD **, a rare thing on this tariff segment.

If HP offers this OMEN 16 Gaming at an indicative price of € 1899, the FNAC intervenes with a huge reduction, passing the * computer gaming to only € 1099.99 . At this rate, it is quite exceptional to have the right to all that OMEN 16: 16 GB , 1 TO and above all, a QHD screen ( 2560 x 1440 pixels ) 165 Hz . The PC gamer equivalent are often content with a Ryzen 5 / i5 , from 8 GB of RAM and only 512 GO of SSD.

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At the moment, for the same price, we also have the right to a computer Asus tuf dash 15 . In this ASUS Gaming Machine, we have the right to a processor i5 11300H , significantly less powerful than Ryzen 7 5800h and 16 GB of RAM . The graphic part is entrusted to a classic RTX 3060 while storage is based on a 512 GB SSD . The screen is also more classic, counting on a series Full HD 144 Hz .

Usually sold at € 1299, Rue du Commerce offers a promo allowing this PC Laptop Gamer Asus to position itself 1099,99 € . If the Performance / Price ratio is interesting, however, the QHD screen is lost and the 1BS of SSD. We will console with the RTX 3060 graphics card a little faster, although the CPU i5 11300h does not fit completely against Ryzen 7.

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