Best uses of the PS5 Dualsense controller so far

As we continued to learn from our PS5 magazine , the Dualsense handle is a little revelation in terms of return of gameplay. The pad allows you to feel the PlayStation 5 games in a way that you would never have with the old Dualshock devices, providing a return of force in the triggers and rumble sensations of ridiculously realistic that have the ability to illustrate different Textures.

But although the technology is revolutionary, it will finally be in the developers to use it significantly. We thought it would be helpful to gather some of the games that, in our opinion, have best used the dualsense so far.

Astro Game Room

Yes, the Astro Game Room remains the best example of Dualsense's capabilities so far, taking advantage of all PAD features at frankly frightening levels. It's a game where you can physically feel the drops of rain landing in your hand; where a tidal machine gun under your fingers when you shoot it. Extraordinary tips and reference for Sony's fantasy controller.

Call of Duty: Cold War Black Ops

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is considerably improved with the Dualsense controller, because the triggers add a decline at each shot that you shoot. Depending on the weight of the weapon, you will feel an L2 resistance when you targe down, giving weight to smaller firearms. The real interesting functionality, however, is the way R2 vibrates under your finger - and even gets off when you recharge. During this time, the haptic adds a directional feedback to what happens on the screen, such as explosions and bullets nearby. It's really revolutionary, and even if professionals may feel that it affects their performance, as an occasional, we enjoyed the extra immersion.

15 Games With The Best DualSense Implementation So Far

the souls of the demon

BluePoint stated that he wanted you to feel the metal shock on metal with his new generation remake of Demon's Souls and there is certainly a texture in the haptic return that you would not get with traditional roar. Although we can not say that we have necessarily noticed a lot of things out of the ordinary in body-to-body fight, we like the way control warns you to incoming fire barrels - or how magic spells Pulse powerfully in your hands when you launch them. Overall, however, it is a minimum and rather discreet implementation of the PAD, which is well in view of the context.

Grand Theft Auto V

GTA 5 may be almost ten years old, but Rockstar has invested a lot of care and attention in its dualsense support. The subtlety is the secret here: you will feel the roar of your favorite Pfister at your fingertips, of course, but also the tinkle of rain drops falling almost always sunny from Los Santos. Adaptive triggers respond when you press the trigger, but slightly, and combined with the above-mentioned haptic return, they create a satisfactory sensation that greatly improves the traditional rumble engines of Dualshock 4.

Grand Tourism 7

It's probably not a big surprise, but Gran Turismo 7 is a game that rivals with the Astro Games Room with regard to the implementation of Dualsense. The way you are able to feel different surfaces while driving is incredibly good, really giving you the impression of being rooted in the experiment. The haptic is simply sublime, and while the triggers are more subtle, the monkey application the brakes of a car properly. An impressive effort of Polyphony Digital.

Horizon forbidden West

When the dualsense was pushed sharp before its output, a key example of the capabilities of adaptive triggers was the idea of ​​stretching an arc rope. Horizon Forbidden West makes the use of a bow and more tactile arrows in this way, with a satisfying buzz when preparing your shot. The triggers are also very useful in other areas, as when opening a door - it seems a lot more engaging with this small additional resistance. As for the haptics, they are used sparingly, but the overall effect is very pleasant, giving Aloy a physical character in the world; You feel the tall grass fruit, or swimming in the sea.

Spider-Man of Marvel: moral miles

It may be an exclusivity of first part, but Marvel's Spider-Man: moral miles uses the new Sony controller technology. There is really not much to say here: there is an extra tension in the triggers when swinging, which is weird at the beginning but easy to adapt. There is also a small additional dimension to combat roar; For example, when you fuck a Venom, you will feel the transition from the energy pulse through the pad. And that's about it. There is a cool moment where miles tape on a keyboard, and you can feel that the individual button presses all the controller.

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart

Moral miles may have had a fairly discreet use of the Dualsense, but insomniac caught up with Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart. The colorful pipper has its typical range of unusual weapons, and they take even more life with the PS5 pad. Each pistol feels different to use thanks to the imaginative use of triggers, and the haptic return is put to the test, even tingling when you aspire hundreds of bolts.


The great third-person shooting game of housemarket is excellent for many reasons, but the dualsense work of Returnal is among the best. Hapitics are used almost constantly, whether it's drops of rain falling into your hands or thrust sensations when you cross a teleporter. Adaptive triggers are used for a fundamental gameplay quirk; L2 acts as two inputs, with a flexible lock at halfway allowing you to choose between a precision sight or an alternating shot. All this really adds to the frantic fight of the game.

Sackboy: a great adventure

Sackboy: A Big Adventure is a great example of a game that disappoints a little after playing Astro's Playroom. Let's be clear: its use of the dualsense is not bad at all. However, once you physically feel different surfaces through the controller, it is difficult to play a title that does not provide the same level of return. There are some interesting ideas here: navigation in the menus is really tactile because of the way the haptic return is used, while the triggers are tightening when you pick up objects to reflect the tension of its eponymous hero. There are even moments when you need to use motion controls, and gyroscopes work perfectly. It's just that we can not stop us from being disappointed when it's raining in the game and you can not feel it anymore through the dualsense now.

WRC 10

WRC 10 is not just an excellent rally simulation, but it also makes a fantastic use of the Dualsense controller. The implementation is subtle here, but there is texture and nuances. You can physically feel the weight transition of your car when you slide into the turns, and you can feel the tire adhesion against gravel when you speed up. The triggers appear and float in unison with what you see on the screen, allowing you to physically feel the bumps of the road and make better decisions with your brakes. When a game uses the PS5 pad as well, it's hard to come back to traditional race games.

So these are our favorite Dualsense experiments on PS5 so far. In your opinion, what games do it use it best? Feel more in the comments section below.


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