[PWS] Weekly Final 3 Parking DAY1 End ... The instant of the athlete

19th Battle Ground East Asian Regional Integrated Isphori Conference '2022 Pub Weekly Series: Phase 1 (hereinafter referred to as PWS Phase 1).

This Weekly Final 3 parking has entered 16 teams of each region that competed in Weekly Survival. Domestic ▲ ATIII ▲ Marugamiming ▲ Guangdong Prix ▲ Veronica 7 ▲ Giel Isphos ▲ Dana and Isphos ▲ Eight teams ▲ OPPO ▲ 8 teams, Taiwan, ▲ Over the Over-Side Circle, including the four teams, Japan, the Donuts USG ▲ Enter force 36 ▲ Las Carl Jersey ▲ 4 teams included.

On the match, the match 'Marugaming', the 2-Match Japan 'Donuts USG', 3 Match AOC, 4 Match and 5 Match 'Veronica 7', respectively, respectively.

Dana and ISPart did not earn chicken, but I won a total of 54 points, acquiring the kingpoint, acquiring a total of 54 points, and the marugaming also gave 42 points and take place in the second place.

Discord interviews have been ongoing that the game is terminated and Dana and Isphrots 'Rex' Kimhak, Maru Gamiming 'Dexox'.

** Under the answer,

Dana and Isphos 'Rex' Kim, Chang - Chan

** \ - Weekly Final 3 weeks exited.

Rex: It was good when I saw it as a result of the first round. If you fix the details in the game, it seems to be able to eat more scores.

Dexox: Since the first round, the start was good, and the start was good, and I could not continue the momentum and I had a little edition. I think it will be supplemented only these things.

\ - I ask the Rex player. The first match was sorry for what part

Rex: When the two phases are changed from the 2 phase to the 3 phase, the circle spanked in the west. There is no way to go up, and the decision to turn down and turned down, but the Global Establishment Equation (GEX) and the copper wire have been overlapped. After sending the GEX, I should have done it back to the outside of the magnetic field, but I have a lot of personal mistakes, and I wore the loss of personnel. Eventually, 'Salut' player left al1. If you have all four people in this edition, it would have been taught more than 8 points. The version was the best.

** \ - I ask the Rex player. Eran Gel Global Ispotts Exet (GEX), in the last engagement with the ATA, and chose a vehicle to the ATA and chose it.

Rex: We have left 3 people, 4 GEXs have confirmed that one ATA was left. In that situation, it was likely to fight with GEX, which was probable to win, and I had two points because I got two points. I decided to score GEX because it's cumulative.

\ - I ask the desicle player. In the first game of Mirama, Taiwan 솨 솨 솨 솨 전 전 전 전 전 솨 솨 솨 솨 솨 솨 솨 솨 솨 솨 솨 솨 솨 솨 솨 솨 솨 솨 솨 솨 솨 솨 솨 솨 솨 If you have a letter

** Marugaming 'Divilla' Choi

Divilla: I should have done a perfect game, but I can not do it. I did not think it would be in the place that was not a place. If you went to a fully checked fully, you would not have chosen the house and then you would have gotten more scores.

\ - The most demanding team

Pushing To The Top | Laura Philipp: The New World No.1 ☝️ Rex: There is no team that I thought, but I always think of my mistakes.

Divilla: Likewise, there is no tricky team. If you complement your mistakes and perfectly play a game, you will be able to see the winner.

** \ - Unlike 1 ~ 2 parking, overseas teams have been prominent,

Rex: Analyze or check other teams and do not.

Divilla did not think that during the game.

\ - Dana and ISPart did not acquire chicken, but it seems to be greed

Rex: Chicken greed always has always. I strive to eat chicken, and if I keep my mistakes without mistakes, I think Chicken can be gently eat.

\ - If you have a memorable scene in the game today

Rex: The scene where the two-match game was neatly pushed in the early V7 and the mid-GNEL E sports.

Divilla: 4 rounds Last V7, GEX engagement remains memorable. In particular, the last two-to-two engagement situation with GEX remains memorable.

◆ PWS Payer 1 Weekly Final 3 Parking Day1 Results

Ranking Team Name

1st place Dana and Isphos 18 36 54

2nd Laru Gamiming 13 29 42

3rd Veronica 7 20 19 39

4th Japanese Donuts USG 14 24 38

5th Top Taiwan Global Isphos Facts 17 20 37

6th Guangdong Prix 18 18 36

7th Arms Bee Isphos 7 22 29

8th place Aiii 10 17 27

9th Place Office Sports 7 19 26

10th Top Taiwan Oway Outside Circle 11 14 25

11th Giel Isphort 6 15 21

12th Japanese Pennel 5 15 20

13th Japanese Enter Force 36 10 8 18

14th place Taiwan 솨 솨 솨 뛔 뛔 뛔 뛔 뛔 뛔 뛔 솨

15th Japanese Rescue Zester 1 15 16

16th Taiwan Big Deal Man 2 8 10


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