Elden Ring: You could almost have played as a pink knight

One of the many new features in Elden Ring allows you to visually adapt your armor. However, there is a lack of options. A Dark-Souls hacker now finds out that much more would have been possible.

Elden Ring: Adjusting armor brings hardly anything

Elden Ring But I Need To Touch Grace

Fashion -conscious players can optically adjust their equipment in Elden Ring. However, the completely new feature offers very few options . Most armor only let you remove a cloak or a hood. To make matters worse, the equipment also loses defense values.

The Dark Souls and Elden-Ring expert Zullie The Witch now shows on his or her YouTube channel that so much more would have been possible. For example, the developers already use tools with which they can re -color the clothing of NPCs and complete opponents, to provide more variety in the game . The skin and hair color in character creation also works in this way. However, nothing has arrived in the armor adjustment for players.

Elden Ring in colorful? It wouldn't have been difficult

In his video, Zulie The Witch shows how different armor and robes look in the game in a different color . From software would definitely have provided more adaptation options. So why didn't the feature into play?

The Souls hacker has two explanations for this. First of all, it would have cost additional resources to adjust all armor so that they can be colored. In addition, from software may not want to dye their armor in poison green or pink and then walk through the actually serious world of Elden Ring. Perhaps the developer still decides to expand the disappointing feature in an update or DLC.


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