The Persona team teases exciting plans for the 25th anniversary of the series next year

Altus won the Partner Award during the program "PlayStation Partner Awards 2020 Japan Asia" for the release of persona 5 Royal. In a short video presentation downloaded on the YouTube channel, Persona Central, we can see the prize given to the studio of Japanese development. After the presenters congratulated the Persona team, we are fortunate to see a short message from some members of the development team.

The video includes messages from three members of personnage team, including a message of personnage team director and producer Kazuhisa Wada.

"As next year is the 25th anniversary of personnage series, we have many exciting plans that we hope you all appreciate.

Unfortunately, Wada does not enter into details concerning these exciting plans, but it is exciting to know that the new personal content is on the way.

If it is too early to say what the new content could be, there are many potential titles. _ Persona 4 Doré_ saw a very successful PC release earlier this year - the first entry in the series to make its debut on PC. Perhaps we will see persona 4 golden out on other consoles such as the PS5, or maybe even the Xbox Series X or Nintendo Switch. Surprisingly, the title PlayStation Vita previously exclusive has never received a PS4 outing, so the PS5 is certainly late for one.

Instead of more persona 4 golden versions, there is always the possibility of a PC port of persona 3 fes or persona 3 portable. We may see a remake or a remaster of one of these classic persona titles.

SSONNAGE is also a series known for its spin-offs with the release of the persona Arena Titles, the danse endless series, and the next Brouillage Persona 5. Maybe there is a new persona 5 fallout on the horizon?

Anyway, for the moment, everything we can do is speculate, but when additional information on the birthday of next year will be known, you will be able to find out more about Cogconnesed.

7 Persona Projects to be Revealed for 25th Anniversary - Our Predictions Persona 5 Royal was released at the end of last year in Japan and earlier this spring in the West. The final version of the very popular RPG 2016 is a must for any fan of the series. You can consult our game review here.


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