Pego this summer festival pickup is' 5 -star Altria Caster '

Netmarble announced plans to operate the game service in the eighth online broadcast of 'Fate/Grand Order' held on the official YouTube from 8:00 pm on the 28th.

The first news is No. 7 of Caldea Magazine. Caldea Magazine is a Korean original content that can be seen on the official 'Fate/Grand Order' official site.

In No. 7, it contains spiritual illustrations. In order to commemorate the 5th anniversary of Fate/Grand Order in Japan, it is an illustration that unveiled local attractions and servant illustrations in the form of newspaper advertisements.

To commemorate the publication of No. 7, Netmarble pays 10 Seongjeongseok (game goods) to all users when the number of Caldea magazine exceeds 10,000 times, and participates in the questionnaire survey that is exposed with the Caldea magazine. Give the chapter.

Subsequently, the news of the summer festival campaign to be updated on the 29th. As part of the campaign, 10 Login Bonus will be provided as a login bonus until July 9th. Hobu is provided as a login bonus for seven consecutive days, and rare prisms are given as special bonus benefits for four days.

In addition, when the Servant or Concepts Strengthening, the probability of maximum success and maximal success increased by five times, and the Daily Mission and the new Extra Mission were added to the master mission. Daily missions will be given 30 'Mana Prism' every day if they are completed only three times, and up to 130 successful seats can be received through the new 'Extra Mission'. In addition, if you complete the main quest 'Olympos', you can get up to 149 sexual seats as a reward.

In commemoration of the Summer Festival Campaign, a popular servant 5-star Altria Caster pickup will be held. The five-star Altriacaster, which has a 30% NP for all allies, is considered to be useful enough to be comparable to Servant Zegal Resonance.

Lucky money summoning is also held. The summoning will be divided into the servants released from 2017 to 2022 by year, and the servant released in the year will appear. One of the five lucky bags can be summoned to summon the servant, and one special five-star servant is confirmed, and the four-star and three-star servants released in the year are also available.

Servant Summer Camp will be updated in July! He also introduced Caldea Thriller Night Event. The story event is set in the background of the lake, and the field condition changes according to the main quest progress, and the quest changes over the day/night.

Meanwhile, Netmarble Han Ji-hoon, head of the business group, attended a special guest to announce the operation plan for the second half of the Fate/Grand Order. Netmarble △ July Servant Summer Camp Event △ August Main Inter-Lord Opening Campaign △ September Shadow Country Martial Arts △ October Instructive Exhibition △ November New Main Story Chapter 5.5 Chapter Mandara Heian Kyo △ December △ December We are preparing for a Christmas event.

In addition, convenience reorganization will be reorganized in August. Servant growth elements such as servant coin, level 120 upper limit, and append skills are added, and difficulty 'extreme' will be added to the day quest. In addition, the servant organization is expanded, and convenience functions such as skill production high-speed are included. In addition, in November, the Fate/Grand Order 5th Anniversary Campaign will be held.

Netmarble Han Ji-hoon, head of the business group, said, We promised to operate the users who could be satisfied with the official broadcast of the last 4th anniversary, and we have been concerned with the management. I would like to ask for a lot of love and attention to Fate/Grand Order.


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