How many scenes will Walter and Jesse be at the end of Better Call Saul?

A couple of months ago it was revealed that Bryan Craston and Aaron Paul, the actors of Walter White and Jesse Pinkman respectively, will appear in the last season of Better Call Saul _. With the second part of this end just a few days away, Craston has revealed new information about his universe to this universe .

The last time we saw these two characters together, was in a cameo of Walter White in the movie of el path. Now, the two actors will meet for one, nor two, but for three different scenes . This was what Craston commented during his participation in the Siriusxm ’Sic podcast!


There is a scene in which Aaron is without me. And there is a scene in which I am without him. And then there is a scene in which we are both. So there are three scenes to come. It's great. But to be honest with you, because we film everything in a bubble and completely out of sequence, I don't even know what episodes we are in.

At the moment there are no details about the exact moment in the series in which these characters will return to the screen. Some people have pointed out that This would be a reimagination of the first interaction between White, Pinkman and Saul in _breaking bad, while others believe that we see something completely new.

The second part of the last season of better Call Saul will premiere on July 11 . On related issues, the main actor gave a great spoiler at the end of the series. Similarly, fans believe that better call saul is better than breaking bad.


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