Metallica reacts to the scene where they use their song at Stranger Things

Metallica There have been a few days since the last two chapters of the fourth season of Stranger Things were released, this has led many to enjoy a licensed musical theme that was used in one of the episodes. This is neither more nor less than Master of Puppets of Metallica , a song that has had an important resurgence for this series.

After this, users have wondered what the band thinks about the use given to their song, since many have commented that it goes like the finger to the situation of the scene. And now, the official account of the group on Instagram shared the section, and at the same time some words that affirm their emotion for the inclusion of the notes in the series.

Here the comment of the group in networks:

The way in which the Duffer brothers have incorporated music in Stranger Things has always been the next level, so we were more than excited that they not only included 'Master of Puppets' in the program, but also had such a fundamental scene built around it. We were all excited to see the final result and when we saw it we were totally impressed... it is so extremely well done, so much that some people could guess the song just by seeing a few seconds from Joseph Quinn. It is an honor to be such an important part of Eddie's trip and be once again in the company of all other incredible artists that appear in the program.

It is worth mentioning that this song makes its appearance in the last chapter of season four, this is interpreted by the character of Eddie and has a vital purpose to fight the villain Vecna . Although, some fans came out to comment on how I could touch if there is no light in the Upside Down , controversy that has already arrived far on social networks.

Remember that the series is available at Netflix .


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