Check online shop for authenticity-new tool recognizes fake shops

Online shopping is quick and easy. But dangers from dubious providers are also lurking on the Internet.

Düsseldorf-in Internet is not always obvious whether an online shop is a reputable provider or a fraudster. This can be checked with the Fakeshop Finder of the Consumer Center North Rhine-Westphalia.


Check online shops for authenticity: traffic light symbol shows the authenticity of the shop

The tool is a free offer to check online shops for your authenticity. If an online shop makes a strange impression, the Fakeshop Finder can be used for checking. To do this, simply copy the website (URL) of the website to the review window.

If the offer is serious, a green traffic light symbol appears. In the event of suspicion or specific danger from known fraudsters, a yellow or red traffic lights up (more about digital at Online shopping).

The assessment takes place via an algorithm that searches for fake shops on the Internet. These results then enter a domain database. However, if consumers give an address that is not yet included, the algorithm searches for typical fraud characteristics on the online shop website. For example, if the imprint or if the VAT ID does not exist, the first sign is. Dpa

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