Let's meet Maple Story at the coffee franchise 'The Venty'

CBS Nexon announced on the 26th that it will carry out a collaboration promotion with the coffee franchise 'Theventy' in the online game Maple Story.

Five kinds of drinks made through the 'Maple Story' partnerships at the 'The Venty' store nationwide until October 31st, 'Yeti's hazelnut chocolate', 'Pink Bean's Berry Berry Shaki' You can meet 'Slime's Apple Jellysoda' and 'Melon Shaki of Stone's Spirit'.

When ordering drinks, 'Maple Story' representative monster design provides 'Li Youzerable Sleeve'. We will be able to exchange coupons that can be exchanged with the item 'Summer Party Carpet Truck Chair'. In addition, it will launch the Maple Story Cold Cup with 'Pink Bean' and 'Yeti' and provide additional ice Americano exchange tickets when purchasing.

Meanwhile, Nexon is actively carrying out collaboration to expand 'Maple Story' IP into real life. In June, 5 kinds of 'Maple Story' breads were released at GS25 convenience stores nationwide, and in July, the company launched a collaboration promotion with Korean dessert cafe 'Sulbing'.

For more information on the collaboration promotions of Maple Story and The Venty, you can find out on the official website.


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