Nexon, 'Maple Story' Ambassador Black Pink Index Progress Sharing Project

-Please delivered index special gifts and donations to a nursery school in Suwon through Good Neighbors

-Jisoo Special Gift Fashion Item, Cheering Letter, Authorization, Character Key Ring, etc.

-Con general manager Kang Won-ki introduces children's gifts and publishes direct packaging

Nexon said today (29th) that the Ambassador Sharing Project 'Happy Summer Vacation' with the online game Ambassador Black Pink Index.

Nexon has sponsored the donation to improve the facility to the nursery in Suwon City on the 19th with the Good Neighbors, and delivers a gift that children want to have to have a special gift prepared by the index and a happy summer vacation to all children. did.

Jisoo's special gift consists of one fashion item that children want among bags and shoes, a letter of cheering letters, a handwritten sign, and a character key ring. In addition, it provided school supplies and snacks such as notebooks, pencils and diary.

At the same time, Nexon released a video that introduces and wraps some of the gifts to deliver to the nursery by starring Maple Story Kang Won-ki. In the video, Kang Won-ki, general manager, introduced the story of two children's gifts and the gifts he chose accordingly.

Ambassador is a project to illuminate the user of users who are active in society and spread the good influence. It was selected as the second ambassador. In the 'Happy Summer Vacation' video, Jisoo said, I hope this social contribution activity will be an opportunity to share a warm heart toward our neighbors who need help.

BLACKPINK For more information about the Ambassador Sharing Project, Happy Summer Vacation, with the index, you can find it on the official website of .


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