Konami once more videotapes the suikoden saga on the eve of commemorating the Tokyo Game Show 2022

Konami currently said a couple of days ago that he will certainly offer a saga really dear to fans at the Tokyo Game Show 2022. Users fantasized with Silent Hill's return , Castlevania or Metal Equipment, yet currently claimed the fifty percent VGC that It was any one of those titles. When less than 2 weeks left to begin the occasion, currently it turns out that Konami has restored the brand of the Suikoden franchise .

The RPG of Action Eiyuden Chronicles: Increasing was introduced in May of this year. We can try it before it involved the market, and also has another game of the exact same franchise dated 2023. This is Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes that will certainly come out for PS4, PS5, Xbox Collection X | S and Xbox One. The designers From this title they swept Kickstarter and commemorated it revealing the computer game .

Although it is not a legendary saga like the ones we have pointed out previously, it is a franchise business extremely dear to followers as a result of its RPG technicians, among which the possibility of picking a large number of characters . Another legend that maintains a wonderful resemblance to Suikoden is the one that labels as its spiritual successor, that is, Eiyuden Chronicle .

Konami has actually lately signed up the Suidoken Saga brand, according to Wipo IP Portal. This has actually generated the individuals suspect of their return in the type of a brand-new computer game or based on remassers. Among the last video clip games of the saga arrived in the mythical PlayStation 2. This is Suikoden V, a role title that we have examined which we brochure in its day as excellent . On top of that, according to Gematsu magazine, voice actor Yuki Kaji will present it.

Suikoden franchise DISCOR

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A Sign up with the Suikoden franchise dissonance

The designers From this title they swept Kickstarter as well as celebrated it introducing the video game .

Individuals daydreamed with Quiet Hillside's return , Castlevania or Metal Equipment, yet already said the half VGC that It was any of those titles. Now it turns out that Konami has actually renewed the brand name of the Suikoden franchise business when less than 2 weeks left to begin the event.


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