Steelrising tips that newcomers should know

Steel rising is a new view of the Souls' formula with several unique game mechanics. Although players who have passed from Elden Ring, Dark Souls or games like Souls will have a clear idea of how to play Steel rising, there are more tips and techniques that can facilitate your promotion, especially for beginners.

The next leadership will indicate several important points that every player should know before jumping in Steel rising.

tips and techniques of Steel rising that newcomers should know

Ok collect as much anime essence as possible

The murder of enemies will give you a resource known as Anima Essence. In fact, this is a currency that is used to improve your character.

If you collect enough anime essence, you can increase the attribute at your choice at Vestal. As soon as you have enough anime essence to improve the attribute, the blue flame in the lower left corner of the screen will turn into a yellowish-green flame.

Restore your essence of anime after death

Anima essence acts in the same way as runes act in Elden Ring. After death, you will lose all your unused essence of anime.


Do not forget to restore it after appearing, moving to the point where you died. However, if you die before you restore your essence of anime, you will lose all this.

Therefore, we strongly recommend that you improve our attributes as soon as you receive enough anime essence so that you do not have to worry about its loss.

grenades are very effective

Always have several grenades at your disposal, as they will be very useful in a difficult situation.

Steering grenades are very strong or even too strong, in our opinion. If you want to remove all the difficulties from the game, buy as many grenades as possible and throw them in any enemy that it’s hard for you to face. This strategy is too effective.

Return to an open locked gate

Moving further around the area, you will face locked gates. Pay attention to their location.

Make sure that you are exploring all the passages that you will find, because they can lead to the other side of these locked gates to open them. After unlocking, they act like labels that help you a lot to move on the map.

You will need a ram alchemist to open the locked gates.

Follow your compass

Steel rising cards are complex labyrinths in which it can be difficult for new players to navigate. It is easy to get lost on these maps.

To solve this problem, you have a compass in the inventory. Sometimes you may simply not notice the ledge that you need to jump, and the compass will show you this.

Leave the compass on the fast access panel and do not forget that you have it.

Find out how to counterattack/parry

Steel rising has a paring system that works a little differently than in Souls or games like Souls.

There is only a certain weapon that can fend off enemy attacks. If you manage to get them, you can do what the game calls a counterattack, reflecting the enemy’s attack to hit him, causing damage.

Use hidden attacks to start a fight

Steel rising offers secrecy as an opportunity to approach the enemy. You will learn how to carry out hidden attacks in the tutorial, but do not forget to make them in a real game.

Hidden attacks apply a lot of damage, and sometimes they kill the enemy. When approaching several enemies, we recommend starting a fight with a secretive attack to get an advantage.

give preference to endurance at the beginning of the game.

When pumping your character, you must first invest in endurance. This is your endurance that you use by waving weapons.

You will never regret that you invested in endurance at the beginning of the game, since you will not be so punished for missing attacks.

upgrade your oil burette for better treatment

The oil burette is how you are treating in Steel rising. Given the combat system of the game, similar to Souls, healing is how you manage to survive in most battles with bosses. Therefore, do not forget to find all places to improve oil bursts to improve your therapeutic potions.

increase your attributes based on your weapon

Each class starts with a different type of weapon, but later you can change your weapon to get weapons of other classes.

Always follow what weapons you equip, because it depends on different characteristics. You need to increase the level of attributes associated with your current weapons. An increase in the level of irregular attributes after a change in weapons will not give your character any advantages.

For example, if you have a light weapon that only increases dexterity, it is useless to invest. Therefore, pay attention to your equipment when pumping your character.


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