Why did Larys cut the tongues of prisoners in House of the Dragon? Answered

Episode six of House of the Dragon is here, and with him comes a massive leap of about ten years. Much has happened between episodes five and six, including the rise of Lays Strong, who has now apparently become the most reliable confidant of Queen Consort Aliment. However, there is a particular scene that can confuse the spectators, which has to do with why Lays Strong decided to cut their tongue to the prisoners. Well, if you have this question, it has come to the right place, now That has the answer for you below.


What are Lays's plans for prisoners in House of the Dragon?

In the second half of the sixth episode of House of the Dragon, we see that Lays Strong has approached the prisoners who will be executed and have cut their tongue. However, this scene is not as uselessly cruel as it might seem at first glance, since there is a great reason why she decided to perform this atrocious act. But first, we have to look at the scene where we see the prisoners.

Then we see the prisoners, under the directives of Lays, kill their brother and father burning Parental Castle to the foundations with them inside. As it is an act of betrayal, in which the ancient prisoners are killing the king's hand, Lays cannot let these men go and talk about it. What happens if they caught them?

It is for this reason that Lays made this decision because they have all the reasons to say why they set fire if they were caught. However, with Lays taking their tongue, he ensures that this cannot happen.

At the end of the episode, we see that Alien finds out what Lays has done, a scene in which she uses her own words on her. Or not the Queen consort, Lays definitely sees an opportunity within her to raise her own position and achieve her own goals.

That concludes what he needs to know about ** Why Lays cut the tongues of the prisoners in House of the Dragon. Lays's plot. To get more coverage on the series, be attentive to, with even more guides linked below.

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