Full table of evidence of phasmophobia for all ghosts

Homophobia is one of the most famous Horror-IGR in the game industry. The thing is to find the type of ghost using evidence and get rid of it. When you start as a beginner, players may have confusion when identifying any paranormal essence due to similar evidence models demonstrated by most ghosts. In this regard, it is always better to have a small cheat sheet or evidence table in order to view and cross objects that have not shown any signs for a specific test. For example, if your thermometer shows freezing temperature you can quickly view the evidence table and narrow it to 8 different perfumes from the total list of 20 .

What types of evidence are used for homophobia?


You can use the following information as the main evidence to find a ghost living in this place.

  • DOTS Projector
  • EMP level 5
  • Fingerprints
  • Freezing temperature
  • The ghostly sphere
  • A ghostly letter
  • Box of spirit

In addition, you will also need a lot of secondary evidence for your conclusions.

Table of evidence of homophobia for all types of ghosts

To obtain additional guidelines for homophobia, read all Ghost changes in update Plasmodia Apocalypse. or homophobia | All Cursed Possession locations in the Woodwind camp in professional game guides.


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