LOL: The anti-meta combo that can end Yuumi's domain in the Worlds 2022

The League of Legends 2022 World Cup has been presenting us a very interesting standard in terms of good champions, especially for the support position. The goal of the charming settled strongly and Yuri, the only cat hated around the world, became a real headache for the championship teams to face.

But if we tell you that there is a possible opponent the height of this champion who irritates every human being on this planet. This pair is something that is not part of the current goal, but its efficiency has been proven for a few years at LEC, when Garden's combo with Yuri was stronger than ever. Mordekaiser and Pike are the answer.

Why does this combination work?

Basically, Pike has enough damage to kill Yuri in a 1v1, while Mordekaiser kills the opposing shooter leading him to his dark world. If he cannot kill him, it will force them to spend summoner spells, especially purify it, which must be mandatory for the opposing shooter.

The hunter can also explore this lack of resources and create banks or dives in this lane, taking a lot from Yuri's power in terms of items. In addition, this situation would force ADC to build mercury bandana, which removes this type of ultimate and group control that rivals can generate.

As with other characters, such as Warner or Malabar, the opposing team will have to grate, whether buying Mikael's mercury or blessing. This will force buildings to slow down while you can advance your game at the normal pace. If the match is the same, you will have some advantage, as these items usually do not appear so much.

Aura has already appeared in the hands of G2 ESPORTS

In 2019 this combo has already been tested. Fanatic popularized Garden and Yuri on the lower route and G2 wanted to test Mordekaiser and Pike together against it. The result was not exactly expected, but the truth is that this duo can be a good stone in the opponent's shoe.

Ruler Now it's time to see if the teams decide to forget Yuri or if they will want to play with fire, so this alternative, however rare, may end up appearing in the quarterfinals of the Worlds. We'll see what's coming.


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