NBA 2K23 MyTEAM Glitched 5 Load Released

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NBA 2K23 Team: Glitched 5 Players

NBA 2K23: Glitched 5 Two-Part Obstacle

On that note, let's have a look at all the new players and obstacles that have actually featured the NBA 2K23 Team Glitched 5 Load.

The Glitched Collection has actually been an enjoyable one, with NBA 2K23 providing several stars to include to your lineups. Amongst these lots of skills over several drops, is that of the Glitched ruby evolve players, cards that feature in-game challenges that upon conclusion, will enable fans to develop them straight into diamonds.

This new Glitched 5 release features an overall of six players and a new two-part difficulty too. Must you finish both parts of the challenge, you'll be rewarded with a totally free Glitched 5 pack with an opportunity at landing one of these great new players.


With Thanksgiving simply around the corner, NBA 2K23 Team decided to bless its fans with its latest Glitched 5 pack a day early, releasing it in-game today.

NBA 2K23 Team: Glitched 5 Players

Seeing how dominant Howard has actually been so far in his international debut with his new team, NBA 2K23 felt it was just justified to honor his success with an awesome pink diamond card. If you wish to posterize your opponents and flat out own the paint, this pink diamond Howard has your name on it and will serve you well no matter the lineup he's apart from.

Diamond (93 General).

Included Gamer (95 General).

The Glitched 5 Featured Player is amongst the biggest centers the NBA has actually seen, Superman himself, Dwight Howard. The 36-year-old, eight-time All Star and 2020 NBA Champ is still active but is playing abroad with a Taiwanese team called the Taiyuan Leopards.

  1. Stephen Marbury (PG/SG).

Amethyst (91 General).

  1. Cars Lever (SF/SG).

Ruby Evolves (88 Total).

  1. Isaiah Stewart (C/PF).
  2. Joe Harris (SG/SF).
  3. Zaire Williams (SF/PF).

As touched upon earlier in this feature, NBA 2K23 Team included a two-part obstacle for their Glitched 5 drop. As soon as you total both sets of the difficulty, you will be rewarded a totally free Glitched 5 pack. The Glitched 5 pack difficulty can be discovered under the Skill Obstacles menu in NBA 2K23 Team.

Glitched 5 Challenge-- Part 1.

With that stated, here are the two parts of the NBA 2K23 Team Glitched 5 challenge that you will require to complete in order to secure your complimentary pack:.

NBA 2K23: Glitched 5 Two-Part Difficulty.

  1. Play Triple Threat video game to 21 points versus the Glitched 5 Evolutions theme team on pro.
  2. Make and win the video game 4 three-pointers as a group.

Glitched 5 Challenge-- Part 2.

  1. Play Triple Danger video game to 60 points versus the Glitched 5 theme group on all-star.
  2. Win the video game and record 10 three-pointers and 3 blocks as a team.


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