This champion had a 100 percent win rate at Worlds 2022 and was banned 68 times

Yuri was pivotal in the pick-and-ban phase for many groups at the event. She was often banned on the red side considering that groups were afraid their challengers would select the champion. The last series she made a look in was between DWG KIA and also Gen. G. Both groups had the opportunity to play her, and of course, they won with her in their structure.

Recalling at the 2022Organization of LegendsGlobe Champion, one champ preponderated with an outrageous win rate.


The other 3 champions that videotaped a choice as well as ban price greater than 80 percent were Segueing, Caitlyn, and also Air. They ended up the competition with 90, 87.5, and also 82.5 percent choice and also ban rates, respectively.

That champ is Yuri. The Wonderful Pet cat flaunted a 95 percent choice and restriction rate at the centerpiece of Globes 2022 as well as was banned 68 times, which was greater than any other champion, according to Leaguepedia. Yuri also taped a one hundred percent win rate yet was picked just 8 times throughout the centerpiece.

In regard to choice and restriction rate, there was just one champ that flaunted better statistics-- Matrix. The top lane bruiser had a 100 percent choice and ban rate, but in the 22 video games he was selected, he just won 12, recording a 54.5 percent win rate.


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