Blair Witch: Fuse Puzzle Guide.

In part 2 of this Blair Piece challenge, we are going to have Ellis and Bullet go on the prowl for more clues. There are a couple pieces of backstory that I think would be interesting to include in the hunt, hopefully it does not spoil anything.

Ellis and Bullet are in deepness by this factor in the Blair Witch. They had some encounter light as well as clear monsters, as well as Ellis starts to wonder about reality. He has various other questions after trying to fulfill his pal, yet both are not able to do so. Shortly after, Ellis found the sheriff's patrol car from her pal. Police sheriff is not discovered. Ellis must change the vehicle integrates to make sure that the front headlights function. Here's exactly how you do it.

Blair Witch puzzle

Start the puzzle

You have to initially access the cars and truck. When you attempt to open up the door on the vehicle driver's side, you will find it secured. Take a couple of steps around the automobile and await Bullet to barks. Most likely to him or find him near you as well as he must have the secrets to the cars and truck. You can additionally provide it a family pet to locate the secrets. Currently, you can make use of these to open the door. Once inside, you will attempt to start the cars and truck, but you will certainly find that the battery is dead. Take a look at the driver's side and open the front lock to allow you to open up the hood.


Prior to leaving the auto to open the hood, turn entrusted to go into the fuse panel sheet and also the cops report on the passenger seat. You will require the two. The initial is for the problem, while the last one is for the essential points of play later on for you to have later on. Go out on the chauffeur's side as well as move forward to open up the hood. Ellis will raise it and reconnect the car battery. You can currently go to the puzzle, which you require to return to the motorist's seat to do so. When on site, a fuse panel need to overlap at the bottom.

Pull it up, and also you need to have 10 fuse panels with the fuse panel sheet on your right.

Light the front lights

Prior to you begin looking on the left side of the fuse panel, you need to refer to the fuse panel sheet on your. Your current goal is gallium the front headlights. You just want to concentrate as well as have positive integrates for the 9th and seventh panels. You need people to have positives, which their number will be greater than 20. By describing the fuse panel, you can see that the seventh panel has a dead fuse, while the ninth has a positive. In addition, it is already a 20, so you have nothing to do with it. Drop to the seventh panel and also essence the one that passed away. Amongst the integrates offered, the 6th panel is the just one with a positive fuse 20. Get rid of the fuse from this panel as well as location it on the seventh place. Ellis needs to tell you that it's great and also that you can currently turn on the car's front headlights to continue when you do this. Blair Witch.


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