Nexon To Conduct Final Beta Test For Shooting Game 'Veiled Experts'

Nixon (CEO Lee Dungeon) announced on the 15th that it will conduct a final beta test for the PC shooting game Veiled Experts, which is being developed by its subsidiary Nixon Games (CEO Park Jong-un).

This test will be conducted through Steam for global users and can be applied to the Steam Store page. Users who participated in the beta test in June can participate without any additional application, and the detailed test schedule will be released later.

In the final beta test, various contents reflect the opinions of users. You can see three new maps, such as small blasting missions and team deathwatch, one kind of new type of agent, wheat fields and Alta City.

At the same time, we recruit partner creators who offer a variety of partner benefits. If you are selected as a partner creator, you can experience the game update first, give and receive feedback with the developers, and get a variety of resources for content production. In addition, it can be promoted through the official channel and communicated on a partner-only disc.


Nixon unveiled a new cinematic trailer to commemorate the Final Beta Test Annuls. Agents belonging to the hidden organization EX can enjoy the thrilling action of carrying out missions in the new map Alta City.

Bail, on the other hand, is a PC shooting game that is divided into 5-5 in a changing combat environment. Have.

For more information on the final beta test and cinematic trailer of Bail Expert, please visit the official channel.


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