Test de Bravery and Greed

The Rogue-Lite side remains in the release of objects and cards. There is only a very little number of equipment discovered in the very first parts. To have others you have to play, build up wealth and therefore unlock the look of more things for the following runs. There is also a card system that increases the problem, by means of several factors, for much more wealth. It is this last system which is actually great, due to the fact that some of these cards make relatively important changes. One of them, for example, adds elite enemies in the conferences, an additional ensured problem. It is also a way to assist in the video game, like the card that makes a fountain appear (benefit of your option).

Dare the experience

This Bravery and Greed is a genuine surprise, and an extremely excellent. While it appeared to be just a small multiplayer action-spattering, it ends up being an excellent Rogue-Lite with several, with a depth of play well beyond what we might anticipate. With a basic, but reliable gameplay, that moves well, the parts are pleasant. Visually rather basic, it still has its little appeal in the artistic dough, a fairly classic pixel art, however which does the work. Reliable in solo as in multiplayer, Modulo the whorehouse with Learn with several, it is really a great little release without being to nag. We will still suggest the games in between friends, nicer. Perhaps a little costly (only compared to some tenors of the category in the very same costs), it is a great purchase for fans of the category. Test performed by Zekkangel on PC thanks to a version offered by the publisher.

The call of gold

The concept of the game is easy: you play travelers who look for to make a quite nudity, by robbery gold or precious jewelry reserves with value. Four levels are readily available: ice cavern, jungle, necropolis, and volcanic fortress. For everybody, there is a big employer at the end. It is possible to do them in the desired order once they have actually been completed for the very first time in the game. As soon as these levels are finished, one last opens then, with a big manager at the end, last action before lechappatory with the jackpot. In multiplayer, at the end of the video game and each level, there is a little classification for the harvest of wealth; What to stir up the competitive spirit.

A gameplay more refined than it seems

In regard to gameplay, it is classic action-RPG. The directional secrets permit you to move, an attack button, a unique attack, a jump, an evaded, and so on. Contrary to what it appears at the sight of the game, it is not that nag. It is even necessary to be tactical, due to the fact that the endurance judge can be emptied relatively rapidly and the mastery of to evade is the key to success for numerous clashes (particularly the one in charges).

Four classes are available: Amazon, warrior, sorcerer or burglar. Each class has its small particularities, in addition to traditional variances on the fundamental attack, evade or other. The warrior has a guard to block and can make a kind of motivation competence for a boost in characteristics, while the sorcerer can launch a magic ball that bounces and invoke a devil. If the first two classes are content to make contact (the Amazon has a distance attack, but good) and offer a couple of variations in the method of approaching enemies, this is not the case with 2 others. Certainly, the sorcerer is not played in the exact same way in contact, using his ball or with the devil. The burglar can make close combat with the daggers or at a distance from the arc. Each class is for that reason played quite differently and can also benefit from gameplay modifications.

Unpaved wealth

The video game reveals a gameplay depth that he did not appear to have by means of the aspect system and the devices. Certainly, rapidly after getting in the first dungeon, a first altar is found. Via this one, it is possible to choose an aspect, from four, chaos, order, life, and darkness. This first choice determines the group of passive skills which are regularly proposed throughout the explorations, an unamendable option during a run.


Whenever an altar is discovered, it is possible to choose from three lines, with random draw, and for that reason connected to the element chosen in advance. All elements correspond basically to a style of play: mayhem, for example, has rather offensive bonuses (more damage on basic attack for instance), while life brings rewards rather oriented towards health (as an increase in the maximum of HP or a regrowth of X at the end of each fight). In addition, these perks are various depending on the class. The 2nd piece of personalization is for that reason the equipment. There are 4 types, with an area of each. Necklace, glove, boots, and wand, the latter being a little various from others and rarer. In general, once a room has been cleaned, a trunk appears. There can also be one or more equipment if he has wealth each time. It is again random, type and attributes. The rewards of these devices are various and different and can increase optimal health, such as having a portion of possibility of decreasing the qualities of an enemy, leaping greater, causing damage in time throughout an attack, etc. For baguettes, these stink skills or invocations, however only that. There are more than 150 devices. It is the mix of the aspects and devices bonus offers that constitute to develop of a character. And this can change the development of a game a lot. Taking the aspect of life with a warrior, it is possible to have a wait making the henchmen (NPCs found in exploration) do more damage and have more health. In the element of life again, it is possible to get a line increasing the maximum health of the allies (gamers), another which increases the chances of discovering potions, two useful things in multiplayer or a 3rd which enables ' Increase the performance (increase in percentages) of equipment associated to life and nature, very useful in case of ownership of a glove which restores health by causing damage. In brief, the game provides a little gameplay depth through all this and a variety in the games.

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