Yuumi Player Scores A Penta In League Of Legends

Video game enthusiasts were on the edge of their seats when they saw Yuri's incredible five-kill streak in a recent League of Legends match. How did this player achieve such an impressive feat? Read on to find out what went into making such an incredible play!

When the enemy Sett was on the edge of death, Yuri separated yet once again and finished him with a fundamental attack. The same fate awaited the enemy Mackie shortly after. After four opponents were down, the enemy Tomb played honorably and exposed himself to Yuri, enabling the Magical Cat to attain the exceptional feat.

League players have been requesting for Riot to rework Yuri for rather some time now. If she lands in the best hands, She's an incredibly effective champ and frustrating to play versus.

Some League of Legends champs aren't meant to secure eliminates, specifically Yuri.

Some considerable changes are coming to the Magical Cat in the near future. Riot Games teased a champions remodel on Dec. 16, which ought to go live sometime in 2023. Although she's been remodeled, the update intends to keep Yumas core mechanics in her package because the devs desire her to be easy to discover.


In the video, Yuri was connected to KS ante and detached herself for a few seconds. Because short minute, she completed off Virus with a fundamental attack and Lux with a Prowling Projectile (Q) before as soon as again signing up with forces with an ally-- this time with Mordekaiser.

The Wonderful Cats kit solves around connecting yourself to an ally and empowering them, which need to declare you assists as finest. But one Yuri player called WetPasta5 on Leagues Subreddit showcased the difficult-- scoring a pent kill with the cat.


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