E3 2023: Why Three Major Companies Will Be Missing From The Gaming Convention

Since 2020, many big face-to-face events in the world had to move to a new digital format, that happened with Comic-Con, Games com, Twitchcon, among others in the industry.


However, those who did not know how to adapt were those with E3, and now that they are in a year in which they could return, there is talk of something very strong. Media such as IGN have heard of multiple sources informed that Xbox, Sony and Nintendo will not be part of this edition of the video game fair, nor will they have a presence on the exhibition floor of the Los Angeles Convention Center. PlayStation has been out since the 2019 edition, so it was not really expected to have a return. For its part, there are certain speeches that make no sense, since Phil Spencer commented on the following last week about E3:

E3 is, for me, one of the fundamental moments of the games. I love the story of going to Los Angeles, thousands of people there, to see new and great things... meet people from the industry, fans and the events we have had. I definitely want that to continue. However, something that must be taken into account is the message that gave shortly after their enveloper direct, declaring that they are preparing the transmission of Star field and also their summer event. It is never said to be E3, so they could be parallel to the fair, after all their conferences have been held at the Microsoft theater. For now, the dates scheduled for E3 2023 are from June 13 to 16. But the opening of records to go have not yet opened. Via: IG Editor's note: I would not surprise that these kinds of things are being done, many are already taking this event dead. However, it will be sad to pass after so many years being the exponent of the business.


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