A new patch significantly weakens popular weapons.COD Warzone 2 Weapon Balance Changes: New Patch Weakens Popular Weapons in Season 2 Update

With Period 2, the developers remain to screw on the weapon balance of Phone call of Obligation War zone 2. Several of the toughest tools were compromised, other creaks for this. The developers were evidently stone's throw enough, since with a small update they now made additional adjustments. What type of upgrade is that? On the night of February 24, the developers played a new spot for Cod Modern Warfare 2 and also War zone 2. The new spot follows directly on the magazine of the large upgrade to Season 2. This update altered several aspects of the War zone. The developers reacted to criticism and the neighborhood is satisfied. However, the present patch is far from that large, so you do not have to expect lengthy download times. The new spot brings changes for some prominent tools. There are likewise plenty of smaller bug repairs for War zone 2 and also DMZ. Given that a playlist update is also carried out with the patch, you need to reboot the game after the download is completed. All new features of Period 2, including the new Resurgence MAP, can be seen right here in the trailer:

Weapon Balance-Popular creaks are further compromised

We detail one of the most vital modifications from the patch notes in the complying with area. Compared to War zone 1, the developers sadly do not offer any accurate numbers there. Exactly how highly the private modifications of the tools will stop working will just be displayed in the next couple of days and also weeks.


  • The developers increase the first vertical recoil
  • The developers enhance the straight recoil
  • Reduction of the different damages locations

Pastor 762

  • Reduction of the various damage locations

ISO Hemlock

  • The developers have fixed an error with the.300 Blackout ammo, which brought about the hits of this tool to be registered as a hit scan

Fennec 45

  • Decrease of the last damages area
  • The damages of the tool against armored plates was reduced.


Gamers require 2 additional hits to break 3 armored plate


  • The sprint rate with the weapon has actually been increased

Eichmann 762

  • The various damages areas were increased
  • The developers lower the UV rate
  • The hit scattering at hip fire was reduced
  • The hit scattering at hip fire while gamers relocated enhanced
  • The sprint speed with the tool has actually been enhanced


  • The rate of movement with the weapon has actually been boosted


  • The damage in the close quarters was lowered
  • The muzzle rate has been decreased
  • The last damages location was lowered
  • The rate of movement with the tool has been decreased In addition to the adjustments to the different tools, prominent devices on the collar is also possible: the fire ammo is weakened, so the damages ticket can no longer knock out players in the future. At the exact same time, the damage ticket should act upon armored plates in the future. Nonetheless, these modifications must be displeased with the snipers among you. The update makes certain that the 1-shot trick with snipers no more works.

Playlist upgrade, insect repairs as well as even more

With the new spot, the developers of the area contribute a small playlist upgrade. While every little thing remains the very same in Al March as well as players can play solo, as a duo, triad or quad customarily, there is an innovation at Resurgence. The choice for the solo video game was included in the renewal setting. From now on you can allow off steam on Ashoka Island all by yourself. The brand-new map has actually likewise gotten a tiny update. The developers have actually changed the settings of some geographical things on the map. This will have extra cover in the future. Just like all smaller updates for Phone call of Obligation, there was a handful of bug repairs this time. Among other points, an error was treated, which in rated mode of the multiplayer made sure that players were tossed out of the game because of lack of exercise, despite the fact that they proactively took part. Cod War zone 2: Meta-The best tools with configurations in Period 2/ February 2023


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