Alexander Leitsch: A Champion in TFT - 15,000 Best Players in Europe, Top 2% with Only One Champion in Set 8

In December 2022, Team fight Tactics appeared the new Set 8. Mango editor Alexander Latch has actually been playing intensively because release, however recently had issues finding an excellent combo. For two weeks, however, he has actually just been associating with the Yuri Champion-and rises quickly in the ranking. The new set 8 in TFT captivated me from the start. It dispenses with crazy mechanics such as the dragons that take two locations on the field and count 3 times for a characteristic, or a large treasure that brings 5 benefits in one fell swoop. Rather, it returns to the essentials of Set 2 and 4, without duplicating their old errors. That is why I have actually made it-as I did then-to reach the diamond or even Master ranking. My progress stagnated for a couple of weeks in January since I couldn't cope with the current meta.

My service: I constantly push Yuri, regardless of the start or what items I have. And it works outstandingly. So I played up from Latin 4 to Diamante 2-currently I are among the leading 1.77 %, about 15,000 in the ranking in Europe:

every round Yuri, no matter what I get

TFT connects excellent significance to method and versatility. At the top are the players who in some way get the finest combo out of every circumstance and every product. Of course there are strong combos such as Aegis Toolbox, 8 battles, rifle king or laser corps, which I have always worked towards. However, the very best police officers are frequently really competitive and count on practically identical items and champions: Both Schützenkönig and Aegis Toolbox require champs such as Samira, Aphelion, Alistair and Hannah. Battles and laser corps both depend on Zed, Yahoo and Wayne. All 4 combinations and also the enlighteners around Kasia use ad-items and need many arches and swords. For these factors, I typically only completed 4th, often last or fifth. In the meantime, I fell from Latin 1 to Latin 4 and was annoyed. Then I got the augment Cookies for Yuri twice in a row. Even with the augment, the combination is presently only seen by many in the A-Tier. But with Yuri I handled a rocket-like climb. For around two weeks I have practically only played this champ, no matter what I obtain from the video game. This is really completely versus the concept of TFT, however it usually works. The combo essentially plays extremely simple: Discover the champs for the characteristic fantastic, find Yuri, find a Nil ah and put every 5 on the field. Develop the three core items and roll from the interest of the 50 gold up until you have all champs at level 3. As a guideline, I remain at level 5 till I have 3 other characters at level 3. Then I level 6 for the Champ Well. If I have at least 5 champions at level 3, or I lose frequently, I fix level 7 for riven. Thanks to the qualities, she brings more armor for the team and thanks to Reinhold more life for Lee Sin. The 3 core items of the combination are: Ionian trigger and decision of the titan on Nil ah. Blue buff on Yuri. Two more items on Yuri are then crucial, however here you are a little flexible. Abandon's death hood and hex tech gun blade are very strong in mix.


However, giant butchers and jeweled glove can also be built. You are likewise versatile with the remainder of the products. Nil ah is still happy about the sun fire cape or an amulet of the iron solar, Gangplank likes Kit items or gloves of the burglar. As enhances for the combo, you can use whatever that brings additional magical damage, extra MANA, additional gold or extra rolls. Both Enhances from Yuri and both of Nil ah are exceptionally strong in the Hero-Axgments. A 5th alternative would be the Well support spear. Why do I attain diamond? That is rather easy. At the moment nobody plays terrific which's exactly where the strength is. Given that you require numerous champions at level 3, the combination needs to not be as competitive as it was the case with release. Yuri is only in third location in the most elected champs, Malachite just on 38 and Well only in 47th out of 57 possible champs (by means of Blitz. GG). In addition, the products are presently not too popular for the combination, which is exceptionally increasing the opportunities of it in the carousel. Another reward is that the META has actually decreased a little in the last updates; Lots of players depend on risks or legendary in the Late game. A Re roll combination also plays in the hands. The coming weeks will show how the trip with me and Yuri will continue and whether it suffices for Master as a one-trick pony.

On your own, nevertheless, you can take with you that you need to not just play the meta-combs, but likewise avert from it, which combinations are strong and less competitive. Sometimes there is even a niche combination that perfectly counters the first player of your lobby. You can discover more tips about TFT here: 7 Reasons that you do not win your matches in TFT


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