Here are the 5 Most Controversial Anime Series with Violence and Sex Scenes

Ellen tune is about vicious experiments on kids who have special abilities. This truth alone must have been factor enough for the FSK to launch the anime just for adults. Or it was the massacre of a group of preschool children-a scene that inevitably impairs. In order to understand the scandal by eleven songs, you also have to put in the time into account. YouTube was still in its infancy and unexpectedly an exceptionally bloody anime appeared on the platform. At that time, many young anime fans just knew Pokémon and Dragon Ball. Therefore, eleven tunes rapidly ended up being the subject of conversation in the schoolyard.

The vibrant world of anime has something to provide for each taste! In the past decades there have actually also been a couple of series that have triggered heated conversations due to extreme violence, abuse or incest. In this article we introduce you to five anime that have a particularly bad reputation.


Keep in mind: The following series treat and sometimes show serious violence, sexual criminal activities or the murder of kids. Anybody who has actually been victims of violence or sexual abuse in the past or feels triggered by these subjects must refrain from reading this post.

These 5 anime are well-known

Anime is not right away anime. The Japanese medium is very diverse and surpasses practically all seeing habits that have actually developed themselves through the majority of western films and series. But that likewise makes the special beauty of anime! The medium is exaggerated in lots of ways, fast and cross-border. This also led to one or the other anime kicked off a concrete scandal. In this article we for that reason present five anime that were gone over as particularly blatant, ethically reprehensible or inhumane. Starts:

Renovate of Therapist (2021)

Wailuku Juts hi No Yarinaoshi, known in the west as the Redo of Healer, is about a wonderful therapist of revenge on his tormentors. He also does not shy away from abuse and sexual assault. Hardly any other anime has actually provided as much controversial conversation in the last few years as Redo of Healer. The specific rapes in which a radiant iron rod is likewise utilized have actually divided the community in 2 camps.

Some loathe violence, strong misogyny and the vigilante justice, while the others applaud the relentless representation and safeguard the motivation of the lead character by explaining a trauma. Either method. The anime had terrific problems in acquiring a foothold in Germany. The FSK initially declined to release, and numerous studios declined a German synchronization of the anime. In the end, Redo of Therapist also appeared in Germany. With an FSK approval from the age of 18.

Interspecies Reviewers (2020)

Isuzu Reviewers or Interspecies Reviewers is a special scandal anime. The series revolves around a group that goes to different brothels and after that evaluated. Totally absurd sexual practices and fetishes are revealed, which likewise occur throughout the borders of a species-hence the name of the anime. Despite some explicit each scenes, the series itself is rather harmless, considering that the whole tonality is funny and is sold with a wink. However, the anime was banned in a number of countries shortly after its release, which caused a worldwide protest among fans. These then mobilized and the anime on minimalist (IMDB for anime) in 1st place in the world rankings. Interspecies Customers hence dominated such work of arts as Full metal Alchemist: Brotherhood and Attack on Titan for some time. This in turn did not like the fans of the anime just pointed out and the typical verbal battles on Twitter, Reddit and Co.

Yoga no Sort (2010)

Also known among anime fans as the incest anime. In Yoga no Sort, the viewer follows the history of the 2 twins Sort and Hanuka, who fall in love with each other and likewise have sex with each other. The incest problem and the representation of sex between family members then caused extremely different opinions and reactions. However, if you admit to being a fan of the anime loudly on social media, you will usually be welcomed with a WTF. That is why the title is likewise thought about a traditional Guilty Pleasure for numerous supporters, which you simply look and talk less about it.

School Days (2007)

Talking about School Days without spoilers is practically difficult. Initially look, the anime could treat a normal school love, however at the current with completion this impression is entirely destroyed. The last episode is also that pretty much every audience might have remembered. You are welcome to view the video of the YouTuber Huron if you have no issue with spoilers and want to understand why the anime is so outrageous. With more than 2.1 million views, this contributed straight to the call of School Days in Germany:

Ellen Lied (2004)

Although there were ruthless anime in the 80s and 90s, the eleven song, published in 2004, was still the first contact with a tough FSK-18 anime for numerous fans.


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